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Following Our Nearest And Dearest Rivals 2022/23


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4 minutes ago, mojo said:

i feel like today will be crucial to see if we have to take Arsenal serious. Unlike many "experts" i'm not convinced that Arsenal will be top 4 contenders. I have a sneaky feeling that once there is any pressure (i.e. starting today) they will choke. 

And they are 2 injuries away from being mid table as well

a convincing win today would force me to reconsider 

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9 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:


So Barcelona haven't even paid for Raphinha yet? But they promised they would by September? 

This could get very interesting.

Barcelona are f**king crazy right now, they aren't making considered moves, just bam bam bam with their decision making, if their players on deferred wages aren't willing to move then they could really be in the sh*t.

Also I read about how Chelsea were muppets stalling on the Raphinha transfer and whoever is doing the transfers now criticised for how they are working but so it turns out we had the deal done and it was Leeds who pulled the plug.. had enough of the bullsh*t stories on us

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Anybody watching the Arsenal documentary? Interesting scene for me at the end of the 3rd episode, when a 25 year old Arsenal coach is having talks with 22 year old Nuno Tavares over his performances. He wasn't opening up to him and in the next scene Tavares is saying how the coach is young and doesn't understand the experience of footballers.

It wasn't a criticism per se but I can imagine that causing a bit of friction or doubt in that coach. Really don't see how these documentaries can benefit the team.

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Vieira clearly adheres to the Vialli school of thought that the right-back should be the most boring player on the pitch. First "Boring" Joel Ward, now Nathaniel Clyne.

Also he might consider buying a second centre mid...

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8 minutes ago, azpi28 said:

Not really impressed with Arsenal

Jesus has been good first 30 minutes other than that nothing special 

should have been 1-1 

Jesus has done the basics and Carragher is acting like he's playing like Messi. Martenelli has looked better.

Saliba however looks a huge upgrade on Ben White who will be the one to bugger this for Arsenal if anyone does.

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Can I use halftime to share a technical breakthrough I've just accomplished? I'm streaming the match from my laptop to my tv, and did get the images, but not the sound. With a bit of help of Google I have been able to connect the sound now as well. I'm very proud of myself. Of course, I may never get the sound back on my laptop, but that's for another time :rolleyes:

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