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Birmingham Home MOTM Vote


WHo was your MOTM in the 3-2 win over Birmingham?  

104 members have voted

  1. 1.

    • Cech
    • A Cole
    • Carvalho
    • Ben-Haim
    • Johnson
    • Essien
    • Lamps
    • Malouda
    • SWP
    • Kalou
    • Pizarro
    • Drogba
    • Sidwell
    • Mikel

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This is a new thing I will do after every game - once the vote is complete (say after a few days) I will update the game details page on The Shed End to say who we voted as MOTM,

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just as an afterthought.

I will leave these running for 2 days after every game and then when the 2 days is up the poll will close and I will take the final scores and shove them onto the game page on The Shed End site.

Once that is done I will 'unsticky' the post

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Great idea, Loz.

My vote went for Sweepy. He had a few mistakes but considering all the good stuff he did (setting up two goals for instance) he really was our MotM.

Other players like Malouda was good but faded in and out at times. Still, good game from many players and I was impressed of Pizarro. Looked really sharp and could perhaps have gotten another goal with a bit of luck. Guess he'll become even better as the season moves on.

And to think we got him for free icon_eek.gif

How much did L'fool spend on Torres again? icon_rolleyes.gif

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I've got the 'ump with you Missy, jetting off again without as much as Goodbye. icon_wink.gif

The poll is actually good, cause nobody else knows the vote until you've voted.

Clear Winner.

not true Mod, if you view poll results, then quit the post and go back to it, you can now vote having seen the results.

just tested your theory!

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I voted for Ricki - reckon SWP has to stop doing his occasional Gr?njaer impressions to get motm

On the post-match summary on MOTD2, Dixon & Shearer picked up on Carvalho being caught out of position on a few occaisions and the problems that caused us.

He played better than they tried to make out, but he wasn't MOTM by any stretch of the imagination.

Best defender for me was Cashley. Worst was GJ, though he did give us much more going forward than PF ever does. And it was ever thus. Paulo is much the better defensive right-back. Glen is much the better attacking right-back. We probably need something half-way between the two. Alves?

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Kalou for me, i thought he was outstanding.

I have to disagree. Yes, he worked really hard, showed some real skills and created alot of opportunities. But (and this is a big but) he failed to score. He played as a striker and failed to score on every single chance he got. That is not good. He should have scored atleast one or two goals.

Kalou have great potential. He can become a superb player. But he lacks that finishing touch and experience. With that he will be a great player for us.

As it is now he does alot of things well with the ball but can't manage that last thing. And if you can't manage that last thing all the building up is for nothing. icon_sad.gif

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I surprised myself and voted SWP. Although I still have my doubts about him when faced with some sturdy defenders. From what I've seen in the pre-season (allright, only the Feyenoord match) he's shrugged off the ball too easily and then tumbles over, preventing himself from winning the ball back.

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