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Messi V Kaka V C.Ronaldo

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

Messi V Kaka V Ronaldo  

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tough call, but I went for Kaka, he is such a great palyer and I feel that he can really take his team and carry them when needed. I know that ronaldo is vital to his team's success, but I don't thinkn he carries his team quite as much as kaka. Messi is an undeniable talent, but I don't think he can lead as well as Kaka.

So, Kaka for me

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Messi because he's younger and whenever he plays he either scores or plays a part in the goal. Kaka i would have said, but he and Pato are incredible (if we're looking at this years performances) And then Ronaldo, i just can't stand the guys personality, but he's got...some skill icon_rolleyes.gificon_lol.gif

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Messi for me, hands down. Then Ronaldo, and then Kaka.

Messi because he is simply the best player I have ever seen play. The control he has and his pace with the ball at his feet is brilliant. Not a fan of his antics and what he says in the press, but he is a footballing genius.

I quite like Kaka, and on his day he is great, but Ronaldo also has the form at the moment.

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I think the extent to which Messi goes to ground too easily is exaggerated on here because we were personally victim to it. I am not by any means saying he never does it and against us it was a one off, I just don't think he is as bad for it as it is often made out on here. He certainly isn't as bad as Ronaldo and he isn't as bad as Drogba used to be and we don't despise Drogba for it (although quite a number of us we did get a little sick of it).

On out and out natural talent I pick Messi.

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