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Utd out - There are now no excuses not to retain the FA Cup.


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There really is no excuses (and this isnt a thinly disgused dig at AG), after all we can only beat what is put in front of us.

Pompey are a good team but we really should be gettnig the better of them, and other than that who else is there ? Boro ? Please.

We have to win it.

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If this doesn't rev our players up...

Teams left in the cup:




Bristol Rovers

West Brom



No disrespect, and I am not going to say we're dead certs for the next round, but you probably could place odds on that being the final few at the bookies, even they wouldn't take your money.

We need to do this. Starting today, one match at a time.

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Sorry mate, but I can't go along with that train of thought. Every lower league team will treat a game against us as their final! Just look at how barnsley are playing against us so far today. certainly true that we will be considered favourites, but until we reach the finals....if we reach the finals....then I won't be quite as optimistic


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Would I rather lose like ManU, with many incredible scoring chances wasted, or lose like we did, with just a horrible performance? At least ManU can feel good about their play, and just blame bad luck.

Doesn't mean a thing Phillip - the pain is still unbearable irrespective of hwo you go out. Unless you are someone like Moos or Peeking duck who seem to be able to laugh things like this off then it doesn't matter a jot how you go out.

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The players suffered from it. The management / coaching staff suffered from it. And even quite a few forum posters seem guilty too nono.gif

I'm gutted, but in a funny way, perhaps it is a good thing that all the "big clubs" are out prior to a ball being kicked in the semi-finals. Hopefully people might just take the old FA cup a bit more seriously in future?

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