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Sheva's Gone


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Party time!!!

I wouldn't exactly say that. Assuming he passes the medical, I'll be glad the sorry saga of Sheva's Chelsea career is at an end, but even with the suspicions (to put it mildly) that he was Roman's signing, and the rumour of unrest this caused, I still feel a little sad that it didn't work out better for him. It would have been nice to see an all time footballing legend ending, or even continuing his career on a high note at Stamford Bridge.

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Best of luck to the guy! Maybe not scoring many goals with us, but can't fault his effort and made some good assists when he was on the pitch!

With Drogba at his peak, it was always going to be hard for Sheva.

The goal against the Spuds he scored was worth £30 mill alone!

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Massive shame that he never hit any kind of form that he was capable of during his time at the Bridge. I suppose it was a case of the wrong time and the wrong situation for him. Still, his retirement fund has done well out of it :D

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It's a real shame, seeing my favourite player not have the success at the club i support. However im am glad he's going back to Milan to hopefully revive his career and go out on a bang. It's such a shame to see a player like him failing so badly and i wish him all the best.

My forum name seems kinda pointless now :D

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Wish him all the best. He's been a model professional while with us, scored some important goal, as well as some crackers. I never doubted his commitment, but Milan is his second home and he may just belong there.

Unlike many, I loved every second of him on the pitch and he will remain one of the best players to wear the Royal Blue.

I just hope he's learned enough English to manage with his missus. :D

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World class in his day but sadly turned into nothing more than Romans rent boy.

Hope he scores the goal that gives Milan the scudetto over TSO's Inter.

Will be very interesting to see how he does.

Personally i think hes had it. Legs gone. Such a shame he was the player i wanted most of all and i dont think i have ever defended a player as much as i defended Shevchenko between Aug 06 and Jan 07 before i just gave up and admitted what was pretty obvious. Its such a shame , he was the player i always wanted us to sign.

I think the injury he got pre World Cup 06 was far worse than made out and i think he played in the world cup 10% fit when he clearly shouldnt have. On top of that he had a fortnight pre season 06-07 and his body just gave in.

Best moment ? Goal at WHL. Sadly though he made Chris Sutton seem a bargain.

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...will remain confidential

translated means

We got stuffed yet again and we're too embrassed to admit it - Love & Kisses Peter K

Yes probably.

Good luck to him, in his prime he was one hell of player who I loved to watch.

If you had told me then he would some years later be playing in Chelsea colours and frantically catching fresh air whilst trying to kick a ball into an open net I'd have called you a loon.

What a relief for him and us, he doesn't really have to go back to Milan because I never thought he mentally left there in any case.

I personally don't think he will become a force again in Italian football just because he's back "home", the legs have gone and he's mentally shot to hell. He may have the odd good game and some will say "he's back!" but I just don't buy it.

I'd love to see Jose's face if Sheva scores against Inter in the Milan derby, Jose appreciates irony!

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in italy he wont need pace as they will actually pass him the ball. hes a master at getting into position before he gets it. that never happened here and it was as much our fault he never made it. we played post player with drogba, lump it up for him to knock it back, sheva was in a different class. hes a guy who finesses the ball into the net.

i blame roman for forcing jose to shoehorn him into a system never made for him. and then sacking him like a baby when it didnt work out.

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Because he's one of my favourite players, it's sad to see him go, but I wish him well for the future. I can't deny the fact that he never managed to do well enough in the Premier League, and he might find it easier to do it well in Seria A (time will tell), but I still believed it was a chance ...

What I wonder, though, is what we actually got for him ... if we got anything at all.

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