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  1. If you think declaring one of the finest strikers in the world will be benched, whilst calling him a childish name is analogous to a century old chant, then that's your issue.
  2. Don't be ridiculous. Your bias is making you look a fool. Kane is brilliant
  3. Absolutely. Morata said as much the other day, that he knew the players had no faith in him. Irrespective as to whether they actually didnt, the fact he convinced himself of that says it all about his mental fragility. Further underlines how crucial the mental side of the game is, seems far more important than natural or "god given" talent. Speaking of. My God he was awful. Can just about laugh at these now.
  4. Signing strikers this summer is going to be a challenge. Usually your striker is at the peak of his powers, so you can supplement that by having a youngster as the reserve and one with experience. Giroud will be gone, and I think there's a decent chance Bats follows him out the door. Giroud is the easier to replace, sign another 30 year old. But Michy is the tough one, who wants to play second fiddle to a bloke almost certainly younger than him, with no or little incentive to eventually win the spot? Tough one for the scouts.
  5. Watched his Aston villa goals last night for the first time. Majority scored within 6 yard box. The guy is a "natural" goalscorer. Fantastic movement and positioning. I see no reason why his goal output can't be sustained. This is no flash in the pan.
  6. Best: Jorginho Most important: Tammy. I don't think Giroud or Bats get a third of the goals, thus we'd be nowhere near top 4.
  7. Petr Cech. Widely reported at the time as 7m. Beat that!
  8. Agreed. I think he's the player we wanted/thought we had in Oscar.
  9. Credit to the whoever made the decision to buy him in the summer. I was far from convinced but he has been superb this season. He wouldn't look out of place at City which unsettlingly is the highest compliment I think you can get right now. He has such a unique skill set. The workrate, the tackling, coupled with world class dribbling, good pace and passing is quite rare. I can only think of Veratti as a comparison. How good was he when PSG booted us out the champs league a few years back? Wanted him then, seems as though we have a Croatian version instead. On a wider note Frank has a seriously tough decision on his hands re midfield when all are fit. Great problems to have though.
  10. We need to be smarter than we have been in previous years. We can debate whether Chilwell is better than Emerson, however surely no one will say Chilwell is 60m (minimum I'd add - see Maguire 80) better than Emerson. I think we are sorted in defense and midfield, I say we adopt the Mourinho third season startegy, add 1 or 2 top draw players. While Sheva didn't quite work out, I think that's the best bet. Sancho being an obvious candidate. Could Werner be another? Can play as a 9 or out wide, I think that could prove valuable as Pedro will be gone by summer. Quality not quantity. No more Zappacosta, Drinkwater, Baba, Cuadrado dross.
  11. He's got the lot. Barring injury that's us sorted for best part of a decade
  12. Love his movement, direct running, and his touch is superb. Still think his decision making is suspect. For instance I think he decides to shoot before beating the man, which often presents an open goal or one-on-one for another player, but he's hell bent on shooting. That can be worked on though. Very exciting and provides a great incentive for CHO to knuckle down and win a place in this side.
  13. "control" the ball, just about, rolls to left foot, scuffs it. Rinse repeat. 3 times today. An Abraham injury and we're in serious trouble

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