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  1. He deserves it. He's been one of our most consistent players this season.
  2. Thanks mate. That was a genius idea but who takes a pot of paint to football?
  3. Anyone care to enlighten me about yellow paint day. I'll ask my dad if he remembers it.
  4. How long had you been trying to work out what to do? I got Madden 13 on Wednesday. Haven't played it too much due to yesterdays games but I'm starting to get the hang of it. First few games I was throwing more picks than Tony Romo but I've now got used to having to put the ball on a plate for my recievers. Think I'm going to need to trade for a new WR. I did get Plaxico Burress from free agency but I chose to auto cut the players and the f**king game cut him and Amendola. Before I realised they had been picked up.
  5. Must be an old photo, didn't even have leaves on trees back then.
  6. Fair point. I would add Ramires and Mikel to that list. But Fernando has been poor for a few weeks now. Which has happened far too often since we signed him.
  7. He was brought in to score goals. He's fouled to score enough under all 3. Plus I'm angry and felt like having a moan at him.
  8. I've supported Fernando from the start but you could realistically say that he has got 3 managers the sack.
  9. His comeback may have been childish but it did make me laugh.
  10. If we do loan him to an English club I would rather it be to someone like Fulham. Schwarzer is ancient so they may be looking for a keeper next season.
  11. People aren't giving up on Sturridge after 1 game. It's the same reason we got tired of him last season. He's too greedy. He has so much potential but his greediness will stop him from ever reaching it.
  12. Welbeck wasn't playing as a lone striker he was closer to a left winger. Studge isn't expected to track back. But I do agree about his inability to make the correct decision. He was once again constantly looking for a shot rather than giving the ball to someone in a better position. I find the opposite is the problem with Torres and he looks afraid to shoot at times.
  13. So fans supported him when he was utter sh*t. Now he's scored a couple of goals people want him to go. He's not the player he once was but I think he's played pretty well so far. But he seems to be afraid of shooting on occasion which is kinda worrying.
  14. If I had a DS or whatever the latest Nintendo handheld was I would have to buy Pokemon
  15. Clutching at straws time.
  16. I blame Star. Something seemed like it was going to happen and then Star says that a signing is going to be announced and it isn't.
  17. Does the fact that Chelsea TV is still live despite the fact the programme should have finished 20 minutes ago mean we are going to sign someone?
  18. Heard anything about us signing a central midfielder?
  19. People should wait for this years versions. FIFA will be out at the end of september and FM will be out octoberish.
  20. Puss in Boots. There was nothing on planner and none of the movies on anytime looked interesting.
  21. I like Olsson as a left midfielder but as a left back he's poor. Anything around £5mil and I think he would be worth it.
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