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  1. This is my dog Brandy. As you can see, he found it a little stressful putting up with my 90 minutes of tension tonight, but now he's a proud Blue like the rest of us here. Cheers, everyone!
  2. Mbappe even further behind too, based on his showing so far this evening.
  3. Apparently we really need to finish in the top four...
  4. Maybe he could make a triumphant return in a couple of years after he's ticked the Real Madrid box?
  5. Completely horsesh*t explanation, though.
  6. The Daily Express are running an entire article over the fact that someone changed his club to Chelsea on his Wikipedia page.
  7. I live in Spain and I saw this on offer at the local market today. # Click on image to view full # Couldn't resist.
  8. Welcome to The Shed End vhanoi :)

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