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  1. Thats not even close. that would mean in in 7 of the worlds population and an minimum turnover of 40 billion pounds a year
  2. i agree that these are all major problems at the club. however with our very poor striking quality it was always going to be impossible to compete on any front. take the league we are 16 points behind man u, yet i feel its fair to say our keeper is better, defences are even and we have a stronger midfield in general. sorry to keep using man u as comparison but if you took individually one of these problems and gave it to man u which one would effect their league position most. i would suggest that with torres as their main striker they would at least 15 points worse off and seriously struggling with top 4.
  3. a question to those who still feel torres is not the main problem. what club in the premire league would torres be loan striker for week in week out based soely on perfomances since 2010/11?
  4. u miss the point. chelsea have failed this season no one can argue wiv that, out of cl,lc, 16 points off league and RDM sacked. the main cause of this is our lack of strikers. torres is clearly not good enough to be the main striker at any club that wants to challange for trophies. its not about working hard its about having the "quality" to play for a top side. he has not shown this quality at all and still wants to be the main man. i m sorry but working hard is not good enough at cfc if we want to be taken seriously. if torres was the only option for barca,real,man u,city, psg they too would find it impossible to succseed. nothing personal against torres but we must have better.
  5. true its their fault we have torres as our only option which is the biggest cause for our failures this season. no club in the world would win any top cup or league wiv him as the main man fact.
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