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Alex Out for a Month

Mr Chelsea

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Posted on: Thu 22 Jul 2010

Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed he has no fresh additions to the squad for the trip to Ajax on Friday, and will be without Alex for a month due to a thigh injury.

The defender sustained the problem during training earlier in the week, and he joins Petr Cech on the absentee list as we travel to Amsterdam tomorrow morning, while Yossi Benayoun's groin injury continues to prevent him from a Chelsea debut.

Cech's absence means a chance for backup goalkeepers Ross Turnbull and Hilario to compete for the jersey while Cech recovers from the calf injury that is expected to keep him out for around a month.

'I think that against Ajax we will play 45 minutes each for Turnbull and Hilario, and I think Turnbull will start the game,' Ancelotti said.

'There are no more coming that didn't play against Crystal Palace, so Yossi Benayoun is out and Alex has a problem in his thigh but with the other players it is the same squad.'

Asked what he was hoping to see from his side in Holland, Ancelotti explained it was very much more of the same after a promising outing against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park last Saturday, which ended in a 1-0 win.

'It is a pre-season match so we don't have too many targets, just to improve our condition and put the players in better condition for the start of the season,' the Italian reported.

'I think that we played with a good tempo in the first game and if we can do the same it would be good. This week was a hard week in training, and the players could be a little bit tired on Friday. Some will play longer, I don't want to make a lot of changes because we now need the players to be playing 90 minutes.

For the young players, it is good to improve their confidence in our possibilities, to gain confidence of playing with the first team players like Michael Essien and Mikel, it is a very good experience.'

As for the players that returned to Cobham from their post-World Cup holidays on Thursday, this trip comes too soon, but by the time the squad flies to Germany next weekend, it is hoped they will be ready to take a full role.

'They will travel to Germany to play, and also the other players that are to come back from the World Cup, but now they have to train and catch up with the other players,' Ancelotti explained.

His hope for the coming week will be that no more players join the injury list.


not good news.

alex as been exceptional when he has played for us, and with riccy c seeming to be on his way out, alex has the chance to cement himself has first choice centre back along side JT, this injury will do his chances of that no good

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How on earth do you know that?? Yes it's unfortunate/annoying, but I would imagine that Carlo and the backroom team are very very well versed in how to develop players fitness in pre-season, wouldn't you?

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Chelsea are pushing the players too hard too early. That's 3 injuries to key players in just under a week - Yossi, Cech and Alex. Jeez. What the fark are Chelsea doing in training???

Yeah, must be the training. I mean, weve never had any injuries before. -_-

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Chelsea are pushing the players too hard too early. That's 3 injuries to key players in just under a week - Yossi, Cech and Alex. Jeez. What the fark are Chelsea doing in training???

Spot on mate...this Carlo fella is clueless!

If we carry on at this rate, all our players will be retiring early like that Maldini chap that played for Italy or something?

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Is Boswinga fit? If so, use Ivan and Terry in the middle (if Carlo is not planing using youth anyway) and but Boswinga back in his position. We have Paulo as cover for Bossy anyway, so there's no real coverage issue. In this situation, if Bruma is not on his way to Wolfsburg, use him as back-up and sell Riccy.

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Riccy shall be staying it seems to me. Poor luck for Alex will mean he will be behind Riccy again in the pecking order until Riccy inevitably gets injured.

What does that make our defence this evening then?

Hutchinson - Bruma - Van Aanholt - Betrand

Hutchinson - Bruma - Mancienne - Betrand/Van Aanholt

Bruma - Mancienne - Van Aanholt - Betrand


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Riccy was very good for Portugal, hopefully he carries the form into the blue shirt. In addition hopefully he can stay play some good consistent football for us this year because when in form he is better than Alex and Ivan IMO

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