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Davey Baby

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Gareth Hall?

Sharon Wood?



I remember standing in the shed as a young boy, at a time when we were particularly sh*t. There was a break in play, an injured player was receiving treatment or something, and a cad standing next to me shouted ..

"Don't just stand there Chelsea .. Practice !".

One more name for you .. Keith Dublin.

That's right folks, it's the Chelsea all-time hall of shame.

Any names .. ?

My christmas number one would be Graham Poll, an apt choice on the day we play Tottenham.

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What defines shame in this context? Or are we just talking about crap players?

How about the Italian Ryan Giggs?

Me and Scooby Blue saw this fella in a pre- season friendly against Oxford years ago always remember slating him then he smashed in a screamer from 35 yards........i think he found his level..

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Duncan Shearer, Roy Wegearle, Joe Allon, Cascarino, Fleck, Laudrup, Kezman, Sheva, Pizzaro.

never having Cas, Allon or Sheva in a worst players list!

Allon was a hero, I remember him scoring in front of the shed and running the 40 yards to the fans!

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Lets face it anyone playing at the level of football that Chels play/played at has reached a level in their profession that very few reach in most walks of life.

Every single player thats ever played for Chelsea will definitely have been better than me, even Jokanovic. Probably.

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Nor Wegerle, Sheva or Pizzaro. Not as good as I hoped they'd be, but nowhere near the level of sh!teness required to make any Hall of Shame.

In that case no way should Torres be in there, because in a year he has had some very good games (not many). Much like with Sheva, more often than not he looks behind the pace.

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