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Player Ratings vs Norwich

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Not going to bother giving each player an individual mark. Easier just to group players.

Played very well - Luiz

Did everything expected of them - Cech

Average - Lampard, Lukaku, Essien, Terry

Poor - Torres, Mata, Ramires, Malouda

Really Poor - Sturridge, Cole, Bosingwa, Meireles

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Nice idea - off the top of my head

Cech 7

Bos - 3

JT - 5

Luiz - 7

Cole - 4

Ramires - 5

Merieles - 5

Lampard - 6 (Malouda - 4)

Mata - 6

Torres - 5

Sturridge - 4

other subs not really long enough to be fairly judged, though i did think Lukaku looked half interested

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Cech 7 - Little to do

Bos - 1 - completely crap

JT - 6 - average

Luiz - 8 - played very well

Cole - 6 - tried his best, created a few crosses

Ramires - 5 - some terrible passing

Merieles - 1 - useless

Lampard - 5 (Malouda - 2) toothless

Mata - 5 - poor by his standards

Torres - 5- poor

Sturridge - 4 poorer

All in all a massive pile:


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Cech - didn't put a foot wrong that I saw, was strong and commanding - 8

Bosingwa - had a couple of moments of brilliance but generally shaky and his final ball was woeful (0 out of 8 crosses completed) - 5.5

Terry - was steady however he was caught in possession more often than I am used to seeing - 6

Luiz - excellent performance defensively and was also effective going forward - 9

Cole - he and Pilkington essentially neutralised each other - 6

Meireles - did reasonably well at keeping possession but wasn't particularly incisive. He also had a couple of hotheaded moments which could really have cost us if Clattenburg wasn't looking the other way - 6

Ramires - was lively as ever but his passing was pretty poor - 6.5

Lampard - I thought he was pinging the ball about quite nicely but ultimately didn't have much impact although we did miss his corner-taking ability - 7

Sturridge - Ineffective (the wrong-footed Naughton may have stopped him using his main trick of cutting inside) until he was moved onto the left but it was a little too late - 5.5

Torres - Had a few good moments and his touch was good in the first half, but a couple of sitters really sapped his confidence - 5.5

Mata - Didn't create much out wide and improved as Malouda came on. It certainly wasn't his best game though - 6.5


Malouda - Thought he loooked good although it is a shame he didn't drift wide more often; created some chances late on - 7.5

Lukaku - He was quite lively although it seemed like he would have been better off staying central when we had possession in their half - 7

Essien - Solid and had a 100% pass completion rate - I certainly hope he returns to form as I forgot how cool he always looks - 7

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Luiz was excellent, Lampard looked good when he was on, one of the few players in blue that seemed to know how to pass a ball. Cech solid, Torres was good other than the chance he squandered, but the rest left a lot to be desired.

Malouda was selfish, Bosingwa was woeful. Wasn't impressed by AVB either - Torres at least looked fairly dangerous, Mata and Sturridge should have came off long before him IMO. Hope the decision not to bring on Essien instead of Malouda, or play Bosingwa ahead of Ivan was purely down to the latter two coming back from injury and not being near 100% fit again.

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Funny how we see things similarly and yet so differently at the same time. I know people have their favourites but no way would I give Ash a higher mark than Bos today. Neither were great but Ash was as poor today as I have ever seen him. And Lamps getting as high a mark as a seven? He was on for about half an hour, took a few corners and did very little else!

Anyway for the record........

Cech - 7

Cole - 4

Terry - 6

Luiz - 8

Bosingwa - 5

Ramires - 6

Merieles - 5

Lampard - 5

Mata - 6

Torres - 5

Sturridge - 4

Malouda - 4

Lukaku - 6

Essien - 5

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As with the subs (clearly Essien didn't offer as much to the overall 90-minute performance as some of the players to whom I gave a six) I tried to put Lampard's performance in the context of the time he was allowed. In retrospect 7 might have been a little generous but I wouldn't give him less than a 6.5.

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I agree, in his time on the pitch i thought Lampard was the best of the midfield players we had out there at any stage today.

He was only half decent though, which says it all.

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Apart from the Villa game, this was one of the worst games I've watched for some time. No creativity what so ever.

Cech - 8 didn't really put a foot wrong

Cole - 3 one of the worst games I've seen him play

Terry - 5 average

Luiz - 7 for once was good but still had a few dodgy moments

Bosingwa - 1 absolutely useless

Ramires - 5 didn't see him do a lot, passing was poor

Merieles - 3 confimred that he is not good enough for chelsea (although at this rate he will be our star man)

Lampard - 5/6 was decent when on the ball, shame he went off as he would of won us the game

Mata - 5 poor passing but had a few moments of brilliance

Torres - 6/7 apart from his sitter, he looked decent

Sturridge - 3 ......

Malouda - 1 terrible player

Lukaku - 6 looked committed and clearly wants to prove himself

Essien - 6 didn't really see a lot of him but i cant wait for him to return

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Cech - 7 did'nt put a foot wrong, if i was being picky, i would say he could help start attacks quicker (think pepe reina and his quick throw outs)

Cole - 5 seems to struggle against everyone nowadays

Terry - 6 ok, done everything asked of him

Liuz - 8 had a good game and got forward well, i think he could be effective at right back if Cahill or Ivan was ever playing at centre back.

Boswingwa - 4 a terrible defender, i don't even think he's all that good going forward either. Would'nt get anywhere near any other team in the top 4

Merieles - 5 a squad player at best, not a starter, he did'nt even start matches at Liverpool anymore before we bought him.

Ramires - 6 looked better when he was allowed to venture forward more late on

Lampard - 5 started brightly before coming off injured.

Mata - 6 tried hard, but needs help in the creative department

Torres - 6 was doing ok until that miss, then went missing after that. I think being subbed could dent his confidence.

Sturridge -5 not one of his better days

Malouda - 6 ok, no urgency in his play though.

Lukaku - 6 looked bright when he came on

Essien - 5 needs more games

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imagine us play with mata off the pitch!










now that might look like a static diagram, but I assure you the movement in the side has been accurately animated.


cech 6

bosingwa 3

cole 5

terry 5

luiz 6

meireles 4

ramires 4

lampard 5

sturridge 3

mata 5

torres 4

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