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Anyone else collect programmes?

Eight Times

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Over the next few days, I'm going to be starting some new threads, to try and keep us out of

the more depressing threads :laugh2: So yeah, one of the more miserable members of the forum is

trying to keep things a bit more positive.

A few years back I set myself the task of trying to complete a cup final programme collection.

So far I have these, the ones highlighted in blue are the finals I attended:

1970 FA Cup Final (Replay)

1997 FA Cup Final

2000 FA Cup Final

2002 FA Cup Final

2007 FA Cup Final

2009 FA Cup Final

2010 FA Cup Final

1998 Coca Cola Cup Final

2005 Carling Cup Final

2007 Carling Cup Final

1971 Cup Winners Cup Final (cheapest I've seen the replay go for is £130)

1998 Cup Winners Cup Final

1998 Super Cup

2008 Champions League Final (I still haven't read it though).

2005 Community Shield

2006 Community Shield

2009 Community Shield

1986 Full Members Cup

1990 Full Members Cup

Also got some mixed programmes from various pre-season tournaments, from the 90's and most recent.

Most of my league match programmes are in the loft, or at my fathers house, found this the other day when

digging around


That was the first match I ever attended.

If I could go back in time, and go to any two finals, it would most likely be the 1986 Full Members Cup Final (an odd choice I know, but I am quite

interested in the Chelsea of the 80's era), and the 1971 Cup Winners Cup replay, (just edging out the 1970 FA Cup Final).

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Good topic Six Times, I'll put what I've got and which ones I attended...

In addition to some regular match day programs I also have these two which stick out:

v Charlton at home in 2005 (attended)

v Wigan at home in 2010 (attended)

I also have:

1997 FA Cup Final

2000 FA Cup Final (should have attended but was very sick that day - gutted to this day)

2007 FA Cup Final

2009 FA Cup Final (attended)

2010 FA Cup Final

2010 FA Cup Semi-Final

1997 Community Shield (attended)

2005 Community Shield

2009 Community Sheild

Dennis Wise's Testimonial (attended)

Gianfranco Zola's Tribute Match (2004)

Carling Cup Final 2007

Carling Cup Final 2008 (unfortunately attended)

They are all kept in a lovely protective packaging in a bit file folder I keep in my wardrobe :biggrin: as you can see it's one's we've mainly one.

Also - I've got the Chelsea monthly magazine collection going back to 2006 I think (the one's in 2004/2005 all got stuff cut out of them to stick on my wall :biggrin: ) - really don't know what to do with them. The ones that are dedicated to winning the league I bought an extra copy to stick in my folder.

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Well on the negative side... with the price of games I'm afraid I can't afford programmes!

But jealous of your collection, I've got loads of 90s programmes up in the parents loft though most of the pullouts in the middle of Mark Stein, John Spencer and co were used as posters!

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I used to collect them as a kid by attending the occasional programme fair that were occasionally held in hotels here and there. Collecting anything these days seems to be a bit hollow as ebay and the like make it pretty easy to get hold of anything almost instantly.

My most treasured programmes are the various cup final programmes (from before I was born) and some league and cup programmes bought at games I attended. Those would be my first game v Rotherham United in '83, the Bolton away game a few weeks later (Clive Walker's all important goal) and the one from the CWC game in Vienna '94. I took such care getting that programme back from Austria in mint condition yet I looked on ebay earlier and can buy one now for just a fiver.

I also have a massive pile of Bridge News and OnSide newspapers and a box full of Chelsea Independent, Red Card and various other fanzines.

This is a good topic and I will have to get up into my folks' loft and have a look through them again. I might even be inspired to run up a huge paypal bill on ebay!

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I had hundreds of Chelsea programmes dating from 1949 to the mid-80's, home and away - including most of the games that I attended from 1967 to 1986 - and lost them when moving house. Gutted doesn't even begin to explain how I felt, and still do over 25 years later.

I've bought a few replacements from eBay, but it's not the same. I just hope whoever ended up with my collection enjoyed his/her windfall - and that he/she died a lingering painful death.

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I collected hundreds and hundreds when I was a kid. Many of them picked up in bundles and not even Chelsea. I've managed to make a few quid out of some of them, but many are completely worthless or worth very little. I've given quite a few away to mates who support other clubs.

I've got a number of cup finals from the 60s, 70s and 80s that are worth a bit though, or at least will be to somebody.

I only really collect Chelsea progs now. Most date from the late 80s and early 90s till the present day. Many are games I attended myself, but a lot are courtesy of my uncle who used to buy me one every game and post it too me straight away.

My pride and joy is an England v Scotland programme from 1945 that my Grandad attended. The last time I looked up the value it was between £150-£250.

I'd say overall I've got about 600, of which 250-300 are Chelsea.

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I've got hundreds of programmes in the loft going back to the early 60's. Including our first ever colour one which was about 63/64 if I remember.

I have got loads of tickets as well. Including a 1966 World Cup Final ticket.

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I am afraid I have been guilty of buying reading and throwing away at times, some I give away. My partner is a school teacher and a few of her kids follow Chelsea I often give to them, they love getting them.

I also send some to a Chelsea supporting mate who lives in Australia now.

I probably have loads in the loft I should sort through them I think I got all cup finals.

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I'm not really a collector but I am a hoarder. As a boy my dad nearly always got a programmes and never threw them away and that carried on when he started taking me and still to this day (when we go!), so I've got about 6 large boxes full in the loft and probably some that are quite rare. One day I'll take some time off work and sort them all out, maybe even document what we've got, but that's a job that will keep for now.

For my dad's 50th I got him a framed programme from the first game after he'd been born - with some help from the Shedend family to find the programs, he was pretty impressed with that.

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