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Time to Print LARGE banners


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Enough is enough with this fraud. If he is not sacked tonight I propose the following:


Lot of massive banners in the home ground that fit over the entire f**king matthew harding showing our disgust and contempt for this JOKER. 

Those A4 Rafa out sheets are frankly an embarrassment.. we need to make our point truly felt if the message is not loud enough. 


I will gladly make banners any size you want and export it out as a PDF. This PDF needs to be printed at a print shop on whatever material you choose, any message, any size, however complex or simple you want.  Reply or PM me and I will do it. 


If someone here is going at the weekend and wants to take ownership of getting the banners inside we can all club together on here, paypal a few pounds each until enough raised and get it in at the game. 


If our voices aren't enough, visual messages ought to be the next thing to go along with it.

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It wont help.

It would be much cheaper to just buy a few buckets, let everyone in the stands urinate in them and then pour it over Rafa when you get the chance.



Are all men so fascinated by bodily functions?

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How do you plan on getting a banner that big into Stamford bridge?


Depends mate, could go in a ruck sack  (when security check they are only looking for bottles and dangerous items / weapons). 


Could go in along inside a hoody in the bag if its cloth or something. 


Where there is a will there is a way.

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That's a bargain!





Entry Package

Competitively priced and ideal for short, attention-catching announcements and personal messages. This is flown using our standard composite, five feet high red or black letter display. Up to 32 characters (including spaces) and is included in the £495+VAT hourly display charge.

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I would be up for that if we could get guarantees that it will happen during game time and over stamford bridge.. I imagine that will be extremely difficult with it being London and so many flight paths.

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It's ridiculous this even has to be done or considered, he's never had any problem prematurely ditching successful managers in the past, soon as we pick up the sh*ttest one it's like we can't get rid of him (like a bad smell).

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Something the thickness of the flag which passes over heads in the MH shouldn't be too hard to get into the ground. That thing's like silk.



Exactly! And it can be folded down into nothing!


We need a volunteer(s) and a plan. I can have something made up for tomorrow morning if someone is up for ordering it (once we club together some dosh) to take it to the match and unveil it with everyone. 

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