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So Kevin will be the most expensive Genk player ever!

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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He was great yesterday when he had to be, and puts yet another black mark against the fraud, charlatan and sh*tehawk known as Jose Mourinho.

Please do elaborate.

edit:Cause I am genuinely interested. See, I always viewed Wenger as the biggest charlatan and fraud in the league. Like from head to toe. From pretending to be this distinguished gentleman when refusing to shake the hand of every manager to ever beat him or even shoving them. To falsely rally against diving despite crying witch hunt and unfair when his players was about to be banned for the worst dive European football may ever have seen to the fact he always claimed it was financial doping stoppng Arsenal from winning the title despite outspending the vast majority of the league....and just to see a team this season lift the BPLdespite spending less on their whole team than Wenger did on Ozil OR Sanchez.

So, is Mourinho an even bigger fraud and charlatan?

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Well ...


This is the Football forums (Non Chelsea) part, Xfaxtor.

I'm a big KDB fan.

He was and is still a youth player from my club.

I still hope he'll get another change in Chelsea.

Chelsea is still my favorite team in the UK.

I certainly don't insist anything.

On the contrairy. I'll visit Stamford Bridge soon and I 'll meet some real Shed Enders.

I'll tell them the same.

Selling KDB was a big mistake.

But giving him just 137 minutes was even bigger. 

And he should have played the final against Bayern Münich instead of Lukaku.


But, indeed, ...


It's not the end of the world.


And let us hope you do not the same with Charly.

Or Radja.

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Well. My apologies if I'am wrong. But you three and the other two (just waiting for them), your five are very strong connected, so I thought, twins, brothers, family. One member with different accounts?


Your second. I don't know, Drjonesy1994. I really don't know. You should asked the other members. I guess, KDB is going better and better, stronger and stronger. One off the top 10 players the next years.


It all started with a plan a few years ago.

You should read that Piet de Visser book.


Your third.

That's no problem, Drjonesy1994. I respect your filosophy.


Yes. I'm a big fan, but that has nothing to do with my nationality. If you read other international football forums you will see that KDB has fans all over the world. And that noone understands why Chelsea sold him or at least gave him just 137 minutes in different games to play.


Football is indeed sentiment and I also don't like some Arsenal, Liverpool, Man. U. players. Even managers. Van Gaal. I don't like him. Think he's arrogant. But he's or was one of the best in the world. So, ...


Some like Ronaldo.

Some like Messi.




But, It's good that we can communicate about it!

On one of the best forums in the world!

About a beautiful English team. No doubt about that!

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What five are you on about? if i see something on here that i agree with then I like it. Simple as that really.


Well i'm asking you specifically because you created this topic back in August. I'm sure no one cared then and I'm sure no one cares now.


Thanks for the offer of reading other forums, he might well have fans all over the world but my question was specifically why do we have a topic about him on a CHELSEA forum, when the majority of us don't care about him. Yes we sold him, and he might not have got the chances he should've had. But that's going back almost 3 years now, most had feelings one way or another when we sold him, but now I'm sure that myself and other's don't really care about him.


As far as I am concerned, that ship has sailed and there is no point continuing to run after it.

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Shock horror some people don't share you hyper fanaticism over a player we sold years ago.


I'm half Belgian too and I still don't care.


The level of obsession over him is embarrassing. It's all been discussed to death, time to move on. No player is bigger than the club but effing hell.

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Well. Then it must be coincidence that always the same five likes each other.


Yep. I created this one.

And some people read it and some (hello Stim), some people react.



About your question I've already answered I don't know.

You should asked the other forum members. I can't give you an answer. I only just created this one. On a Non Chelsea part.


The majority?

Don't believe that.

No. I really don't.


If you don't care, Drjonesy1994 and it makes you nervous, stay away. Don't read this topic.



But once again. You are always welcome on The Karma and other jinxing things thread.


Indeed, Stim.

Don't read this topic. It's just Non Chelsea news.


Good that you have an Belgian part. 


There are also Belgian football players I don't like. But that's another case.

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maybe the fact that 5 people continually like eachothers post speaks volumes about us not caring about Kevin De Bruyne.


Believe what you want mate but the negative reaction this thread has got says to me that the majority of us don't care.

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