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Hypothetical question


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Cheers for this Bluenut .

Mod and I will have to subscibe to a shedload more server space to accommodate the post that Bluebeard is now writing!!!

For me it is Dean Saunders - shouldn't require much explanation!

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I could take a pick from a handful of journalists but will go with someone from UEFA, Sepp Blatter or Lenhard Johannsen, mainly after the way we, the Champions of England for 2 years, have be continually treated like sh*te by their organisation.

Failing that Craig Bellamy, because he's Craig Bellamy!

or Fabregas, or Eto'o or Messi

(ps can I just add I'm not really an angry bloke)

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Only one? Don't be a killjoy. icon_razz.gif

I don't know who I would chose. There's a few journalists, some refs, some managers, a couple of executives in football (or whatever it is called) and of course a sh*tload of players. Not to mention the entire FA.

That c*nt who condoned the attack on Lampard would be nice to punch. Real hard too!

C-Hunt would probably be my pick in the end. There have been quite a few players that have dived or been rude towards our players but C-Hunt hurt Cech and I will never forgive him for that.

I would even go so far as dipping my hand in concrete, wait for it to dry and then have a go at him. Maximum pain is all he deserves.

Hitting players like Deco, Messi or Ronaldo would only be fun because it would give them a reason to stay on the ground crying their heart out.

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in general like most people who follow football would like to lay one on Bellamy,

but with my chelsea hat on i, like loz have to choose this c**t


other nominees include gary neville and every liverpool fan in the world

ive resisted saying poyet as this thread will turn into 15 pages

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