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Callum Hudson Odoi and Eden Hazard: Will they stay or will they go?


Callum Hudson Odoi and Eden Hazard: Will they stay or will they go?  

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  1. 1. Callum Hudson Odoi and Eden Hazard: Will they stay or will they go?

    • Both will stay
    • Both will leave
    • Hazard will stay and Hudson Odoi will leave
    • Hazard will leave and Hudson Odoi will stay

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I think they will both leave........I hate even writing it, but I think it will happen. 

The way Hazard speaks in the media doesn't fill me with confidence. I always get the impression that he is trying not to upset anybody with what he says. He's trying so hard that he often says the wrong thing. I think he has made his mind up but cares enough about the club and it's fans not to say anything that 100% confirms if he is staying or leaving. If he stays, I will celebrate it like winning a trophy, but I can't stop thinking to myself that if he was going to sign a new deal, he would have already done it.

Callum-Hudson Odoi.........this one has left me incredibly frustrated. I just think there is too much being said for there not to be something in it. I have been saying it since the end of last season, I thought one of Pedro or Willian should have been sold and Hudson-Odoi should have taken their place in the team. What we did though was keep Willian who has been awful all season and Pedro who keeps picking up injuries. Not getting any game time ahead of either of these two at any point this season is bad enough, but we went and signed Pulisic, a player that has been warming the Dortmund bench all season. I'm looking at it from Hudson-Odoi's point of view and I can see why that would be very very frustrating for him. Everything has been set up for him to get regular minutes for us this season, but it's just not happened. He's only just started getting into the squad regularly since the rumours of him wanting to leave started. I know he is young and he can't demand first team football every week, but even at his age and when you factor in all of the above, he could and should be getting more minutes on the field than he currently has this season.

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Furthermore I have no issues with Eden if he goes. He has been a great servant, he is not a Chelsea fan and has dreamed of playing for Real Madrid for a long while we hear. So if he goes AND nets us a profit then fair play to the lad.


CHO on the other hand is, if he has submitted this transfer request, an ungrateful brat who supposedly is a Chelsea fan and now he is starting to be involved in the the first team at just 18 years of age now supposedly wants to leave his boyhood club to go play in the German Scottish Premier league for their version of Celtic. 

Good riddance we dont need that kind of loyalty.

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Prefer both to stay, but if they wanna go then f*** them! Hazard will always be a legend, best player we've probably ever had in terms of eye catching skills but if CHO wants out already then sod him.

Just need to get solid replacements, another season watching Pedro and Willian will kill me.

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CHO is gone. Hazard is very much up to RM, for all the courting they've yet to show any inclination to actually put their money where their mouths are and bid. With a year to go on his contract his value is limited anyway, particularly if he's set on one destination and won't be entertaining offers from other clubs. So if Real are to bid in the summer, they're essentially bidding against themselves so won't be handing over a huge deal of money. 

Have heard some journos etc make the case that you can't lose a player like Hazard for nothing, but would keeping him for that extra year and waving him goodbye after a season of goals and peak performances (age-wise, he's in his prime) really be much worse than losing him in the summer and getting a limited fee that would at best fund about a quarter of the amount needed to replace him with like-for-like quality? And that's assuming such a player is on the market and wanting to move to us.

So I say keep. Another season of Hazard is better than no more Hazard and 30-40m (guesstimate, but if we were ever after big money for him we're a good year or two too late).

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One thing that has occurred to me, Hazard has been playing well this season. Is that because he sees himself as being in the shop window for RM?

If they don't come in, he will be approaching 29 and not a long term prospect for anyone, how would that affect his game going forward............


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