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What Chelsea should do in the event of a loss vs City ?


Would a loss vs Sihtty next week,and le arse and manure winning, mean Chelsea should solely focus on the Europa League for UCL football ?  

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  1. 1. In the event of manure and le arse winning next week and us losing to sihtty and being potentially 6TH in the league, what Chelsea should do?

    • PL above all and heavily rotate in the other competitions (FA and UEL) : top 4 would be at this point like a trophy !
    • Europa League should be played like the Champions League since winning it qualifies for the UCL next season and you face easier teams than in the PL AND that would mean a 6th european trophy for the club (more or less twice as much than north london or the rest of london reunited) !
    • PL should remain the priority until we reach the QF of the UEL. If we reach the QF of the UEL and we're comfortably in the top 4/ top 3, then Europa should mean rotation still and PL should remain the priority. However, if the top 4 is very much at stake or even worse, we're stuck in 5th/6th or LOWER, then ir's about time UEL became the top priority.

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I voted for the last option because it sounds balanced enough.

IMO a hypothetical loss against city isn't that much of a ground breaking result, Arsenal lost against them but they will keep pushing for the top 4 anyway.

I still have this old theory that the most important games to win are those against spuds, if that can be done then other things will go well. Anyway, no need to suddenly take on Europa league only just because of this 1 potential loss, there are enough games to play afterwards.

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