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Carvalho is up four a new deal


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Wonderful if true. Our most consistent player now


Published: Today

RICARDO CARVALHO is on the verge of signing a new four-year deal at Chelsea.

SunSport can reveal the Portugal defender’s agent, Jorge Mendes, has been in talks with the Blues over a new contract and only minor details remain to be ironed out.

A club insider confirmed: “Talks about a new deal have been ongoing and they should be concluded before the end of the season.”

Carvalho, 29, who joined from FC Porto for £19.85million in 2004, has been a solid presence at the back alongside skipper John Terry.

The news will be greeted with delight by Chelsea fans as the Portuguese international centre-half is a popular member of the team.

His partnership with Terry was the bedrock of the Londoners’ back-to-back Premier League title wins under previous boss Jose Mourinho.

The deal means he will probably hang up his boots at Stamford Bridge.

He follows in the footsteps of Portugal pal Paulo Ferreira, who also agreed a new five-year deal last month.

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Tying Carvalho down for what would pretty much constitute the rest of his career would be excellent news. Without a doubt he has ben our form defender for the best part of two seasons now and the thought that we could have a JT/Carvalho partnership playing in front of Cech for the next four seasons is very encouraging. In addition to that play Paulo week in week out at right back and Bridge week in week out at left back and we can go back to the days of having by far the meanest defence in the land.

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How about this for a debate? Based on overall form, Alex has been our most consistent defender when he has played.

Carvalho had an absolute nightmare against Barnsley. Alright, he wasn't the only Chelsea player to have a mare that game, but he was also very poor against Villa.

Off the top of my head I can't think of any real shockers for Alex. But I'm sure someone can remind me of some?

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I actually wouldn't argue with that Just - Alex was superb when he had his run and can consider himself desperately unfortunate to now be kicking his heels. So yes over a short period Alex has been our most consistent centre half but over an extended period (which pretty much means Carvalho vs JT I guess) then I would give it to Ricky.

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hey, theres sod all wrong with being a 34 year old centre back. thats exactly what i am, and i do ok in our local league..... i dont get 80 grand a week though. 346.gif346.gif

Sorry man. I always forget the personal element.

Here have a beer, should cheer you up! ChElSea2.gif


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