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  1. Would be good for him to get a go tomorrow - hope he stays.
  2. I think it was Azpi that put it on a plate for Morata early on vs Spurs as well, a header you'd have expected him to bury.
  3. That was the case on last year's FIFA for some players. Not quite sure why something so simple is wrong.
  4. Really into Ghost Recon Wildlands now, would thoroughly recommend it to any fans of open-world shooters.
  5. Don't think that's a bad thing, 17 was my favourite for a long time, gameplay wise.
  6. I only watched the highlights on MOTD but Chalobah was meant to have been very impressive against Southampton - a good start to the season for him. Hope he keeps doing well. WhoScored.com‏Verified account @WhoScored 3m3 minutes ago More Nathaniel Chalobah: Won possession in the middle 3rd more times vs Saints (10) than any other player has managed in a PL match this season
  7. Haven't had time to play anything properly in a long time, but just starting to get into Ghost Recon Wildlands (have owned it for ages) - seems like a really good game, similar to Far Cry which I'm a fan of. I'll get the new FIFA and COD when they come out. Looking forward to Far Cry 5 in February and Red Dead Redemption next year too.
  8. His minute per goals ratio this season is 78, or 47 including just the Premier League.
  9. Sky Sports News HQ‏Verified account @SkySportsNewsHQ 1m1 minute ago More BREAKING: Chinese Super League side Tianjin Quanjian confident they will sign Diego Costa from @ChelseaFC this summer - Sky sources. #SSNHQ
  10. Far Cry 3 is now backwards compatible on Xbox One. It's the one I've been hoping for for ages.
  11. If they go back to WW2 it has the potential to be amazing. They could still f**k it up but I hope not.
  12. I can get it for £35 because I have EA Access but I think I'll wait until they release the first one individually rather than get the Premium Pass for all 4, as I may not even be playing it when they release the next three.
  13. Has anyone got/going to get the Battlefield DLC?
  14. Shadow of Mordor sequel, Shadow of War has been announced. August 25th release. Gameplay reveal March 8th.
  15. Why would you spend £50m on a third choice striker?
  16. Yeah I have. The animations are similar to The Division but I think it's a completely different - and better - game. Looking forward to seeing the reviews for it and will probably pick it up shortly before it comes out.
  17. Just had my beta code come through for Ghost Recon Wildlands and it's downloading now. I've been excited for this game since it was announced. A couple of months till release, hopefully it doesn't disappoint.
  18. Thought he was great yesterday and deserved his goal. Having a superb season.
  19. What will the new stadium do for ticket prices? West Ham's increased capacity has meant a reduction, but obviously they got their stadium for pittance.
  20. I don't think he'll go because he'll want the chance to win another Premier League medal (though I think he'd already have met the games played criteria) but I don't see anything laughable, wrong or disloyal with him leaving on loan to a club 9th in the Premier League and not a rival at all.
  21. The appeal has been rejected: John Terry will serve a one-match suspension with immediate effect after his wrongful dismissal claim was unsuccessful, following an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing. The Chelsea defender was sent off for denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity during The Emirates FA Cup third round tie against Peterborough United on Sunday [8 January 2017]. http://www.thefa.com/news/2017/jan/10/john-terry-dismissal-claim-rejected-100117
  22. Anyone got Dishonored 2? Thinking of getting it as it looks decent and is Bethesda but I didn't play the first one.
  23. Great news. Probably our most consistent player and unlike most players described as "consistent", he's actually very very good. Seems to always give it all and care about the result too. Hope he stays here for a long time.
  24. I'd be inclined to agree with FC in that it's the huge game modes that are making me enjoy Battlefield, but if you enjoyed team deathmatch on Battlefield 4, I see no reason why you wouldn't enjoy it on this one.
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