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  1. I don't have the answers I just believe that there's no coming back from the results against Bournemouth and City and he's one bad result away from the sack. I don't believe in this a manager needs more time football especially Chelsea is a cut throat business and if you're not performing you're out. Think as well this leaders thing is a bit of a cliche Spurs seem to be doing ok no real leaders at Man City or Liverpool for that matter just well coached footballers who believe in their manager and the system they are playing.
  2. He's gone no turning this round. Everyone knew that Jose was gone from Man United if they lost to Newcastle when they were 2-0 down a few weeks later he was out Sarri is just one bad performance away from the boot. I'm old enough to remember when we lost 7-0 to Forest and the monumental piss taking I got was brought horribly back yesterday but the Chelsea team of 91 and today are chasms apart. Only two of yesterday's starting 11 are regular starters for their international teams in Hazard and Kante that's not good enough for a club of our stature.
  3. In the early 80's a few times in the Shed and in pubs if it was on the jukebox it was Seig Heil Seig Heil Chelsea. We have got a history of racism at Chelsea no hiding the fact it's mainly been stamped out but it does surface now and again. Anyone who was at Spurs in 87 will tell you the words of one men went to mow were changed.
  4. Signing players can have a massive effect in interest from the players home country. I was in Wembley last week had no idea Spurs were at home it was noticeable how many Korean fans they now have.
  5. Pick the bones out of this anomaly as said verbatim by my workmate '' There were a load of y*ds on the train home singing y*d army y*d army''.
  6. Chopper, Charlie and Bason the only players not sporting conspicuously 70's style barnets! Not sure that John Dempsey's barnet belongs to any era it really is a masterful scrapeover with added earmuffs.
  7. It's funny I'm reading Bernard Sumner's autobiography and New Order did the music for this show. I have vague memories of it being on in London a Thursday night I think.
  8. Remember being at a night game against West Ham in 86 very very dodgy night but this I have no memory at all would love to know if anyone was there.
  9. Got to say I didn't know this footage existed it's the first time I've ever seen it.
  10. Ian Hutchinson got pissed and fell over his Lionel Blairs ?. Alan Hudson is dressed like a Play School presenter.
  11. I was in W.H. Smiths today there's a mag called Blue is the Colour it costs a tenner. Basically a history of the club has some really good old photos. I would upload them but it's not really my forte so I'll leave that to someone who's more capable then me. There's a photo of Ron Harris, Venables, Hollins and George Graham all in sharp suits looking cool. When you think a few years later there's this monstrosity how fashion changed and of course a couple of years after this you had punk.
  12. Love the copper in the Northstand pic standing at the back with his helmet in his hand (ooh missus) looks like he's not exactly keen to get involved. The Fulham game I had just started a new job and got the flu after standing on the open terrace with just a t-shirt on came to work a week later everyone thought I had left. Big crush before the game if I remember rightly. Grimsby was a bloody brilliant day.

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