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10 Point Gap


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If we were still to play the mancs with our new boss then maybe we would have a chance. Sadly that is not the case. We can get second though providing we do the business this weekend against the Villa

Let's not give up, but Utd won't throw it away, they're not even letting goals in.

Lets just make sure we're gauranteed a top 4 spot then worry about finishing above the scousers

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I dont think we will catch them based on form at this stage, unless they get distracted by FA cup and Champions League. This Man United team has a lot of similarities with Jose's first championship winning team, rock solid defence, pacey winger, creative midfielder to link up the striker, and better strikers than Jose's team had. Having said that, if we win every match from now on, or at least a vast majority, we will get really close, and in the next couple weeks to month Fergie will rotate his squad, that maybe our best chance.

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There are enough games left to play to manage it so we still have a chance.

But unless something really odd happens to ManU (loads of injuries or complete loss in form for every player) I really can't see them drop enough points to give us a chance to overtake them.

All we can do is to win every single game for the rest of the season and see how far that'll take us.

Maybe we'll end up 2nd and that wouldn't be too bad.

Maybe next season we'll have a better manager and less injuries. Then we'll show who's best!


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With only 13 matches to go, even if we didn't drop another point between now and the end of the season, we would be relying on the Mancs to drop 10 points. And based on current form, we look a hell of a lot more likely to drop points than they do.

I think it's gone for this season.

To be honest, I think we might seriously look at doing a Rafa Benitez - concentrate on the Champion's League at the expense of the Premiership. Make sure all the big players are rested on the weekend in preparation for big midweek matches. Play a few of the youngsters in the Premiership and see how they go.

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Lets catch Scum first. That is realistic IMO and probable even. Second place is a good target.

ManU is cruising to Prem title no on can stop them. A ManU fan told me they can win 5 cups this season...

I just hope a certaing Chelsea ghost Jose will ruin their run in CL. That is the only chance of stopping them in CL iMO.

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not a chance.

Even if we win all our remaining games (which we won't) it's too much of a gap.

Hiddink was bought in to secure champions league qualification no more no less, and considering how awful things have been this season that should be the extent of our expectations.

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Try to imagine MU playing as they are now inexplicably losing not one game, but at least 3 between now and the end of the season.

And not only that we have to believe that Chelsea who have been a model of 1-0 consistency all season so far (cough) manage not to drop any points whilst all this is going on.

I love fairy stories but this one will not come true sadly.

I do hope Fergie's arse gets spanked in the CL though, sadly I don't think Jose will do it (Inter are not strong enough) Barca might do.

Fingers crossed they get humiliated in the final.

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They could win the lot this year, they have a depth in their squad that they haven't had for years and that means they are strong in the cups as well as the league. Second is still there but even that's a tall order.

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