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Carlo cudicini in accident


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I feel quite ashamed of myself because my first reaction when I read this headline was, " Oh God, poor Val!"

However, I haven't totally lost touch with reality. My sympathies to the real Carlo for this dreadful accident. I hope he will eventually be back on the pitch.

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why do sh*t things happen to decent people. i could name at least a dozen players deserving of this kind of thing. hopefully it doesnt end his career, though it doesnt sound too promising.

And it's not just football mate. To be honest, this world is governed by conspiracy.

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I hope, and this sounds dreadful even i my head, that it's "just" career ending. I'm sure Carlo is ok financially, but he'd be able to move on to the next phase of his life after playing ends. Ok, his playing days might have been cut a couple of years short, but I'm sure he'd much rather that, than the alternative of not ebing able to walk again.

Hope he pulls through this and goes on to a coaching career.


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