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Your first computer.


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Very recently, I found up in the loft, the first ever pc I ever brought.

Langushing under an old carpet,in front of my eyes,was a Escom (remember them?) mini-tower.

I kinda knew it was there somewhere,but when i think about how much it cost (for it's spec's),to what you can buy today for the same amount of cash,I try very hard to forget about it!(fneck sake!).

Purchased in '94 so I could learn more about spreadsheets & dos (is boss) & nothing whatsoever to do with Quake,Duke Nukem,Dark Forces & FiFA 94,this lump of plastic cost £1600!.

Pentium 100mhz proccessor,1 gb hard drive,Matrox 4mb graphic card,soundblaster sound card & 8mb of ram which cost an extra £200 to double to 16!.

A 14" svga monitor that weighed 40 pounds,took half an hour to come on & went a strangely brown colour after 6 months completed the package.

It stayed that way until upgrades such as the voddoo graphic accelerater card transformed the visuals (at huge cost,obviously) & a 56kbps modem (plus Pipex) allowed me online in/around '97.

Of course,it was a dinosaur 12 months later & so begain many (mostly stressfull) attempts at upgrades to its components .

Now?,I just hate the fecking things but,the question is....what was you're first pc.......

(come on,own up).

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Very similar to my first set up, only mine was a 166 with an mmx chip, state if the art I tell you. The first pc I used for work though was an old 486 dx with a maths co processor. Cost an absolute fortune and its what I learned CAD on.

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An Apple Mac LC, early 90s. Cost well over a grand.


Incredibly easy to use, 100% reliable, never crashed. Very limited, but did good service. Still in my cupboard, and probably would start up straight away, like an old VW.

First Windows PC was a pie of crap from TINY computers. Then got a Dell (also crap). Both cost over a grand.

Now have a 6 year old Compaq and a 3 year old Sony Vaio laptop, which are both really good, but probably don't have too much life left in them.

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This little beauty.

Oh how we cursed when, after waiting for 5 minutes while the game loaded from the cassette, it then crashed with some bizarre error line about something happening at line 870.


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Similar to what many are saying above - was around 133mhz I believe, 16mb RAM and 2GB hard drive, cost well over a grand... unbelievable to compare that to mobile phone prices now with insanely fast processors, 1GB+ memory and 64GB internal storage :D

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