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Urgent message to ALL Shedenders - please read


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Fellow Shedenders, I am aware some of you may not visit the Shed End Lounge area of this site however there is a thread to which I have attached a link which needs your urgent attention. Mod's lovely little daughter Aimi is undergoing a turbulent start to her very young life and needs support from ALL of us. Please click on the link to read Aimi's story and support her in her fight for life. It's the least we can do after everything Mod has done for us.



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Come on people let's get this campaign rocking and rolling. Even if you can't support financially then support in another way by raising the awareness of Aimi's plight by sharing on facebook and Twitter. You can really make a difference here, not only for Aimi but also for other families facing the same ordeal.

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Donations are grinding to a halt folks. 64 donations so far - not sure how many plugs on facebook and Twitter but there are hundreds of members on this site. Come on people this is one of our own we're talking about here. Let's do it for Aimi.

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I wrote elsewhere that I'm skint until next month. No exaggeration, I really am horribly bloody borassic this month. But I haven't forgotten.


I'll be donating during the first week of May. Not a huge amount, unfortunately. But I will be donating.

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Sorry to sound dim,but how exactly do you do this on a Samsung pay as you go phone?.


Bloody thing drives me crazy.



You will be relieved to know that I too have no idea how to do that!  It's not you being dim at all, Alan!  I'll investigate...


P.S.  I think it's just the same as in the instructions in the link - you text the code : AIMI92 , then the amount : pound sign (sorry the one on my keyboard doesn't work) + the number of pounds - and you send it to 70070.


the amount you have donated will come off the money you have left on your phone. 

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