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OMG I jizzed myself when i saw that video! 


Not just the main missions, and the ability to switch characters , but the extra-curricular activities: golf! Tennis! Investing in property! Customizable cars!  Mount Chiliad looks gargantuan! Scuba diving!!


Just take my money Rockstar, take my f**king money!!!!

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Only saw a bit, but all just looks the same!

GTA 4 was faaaaarrr too long for me, couldnt wait to finish it.

For me nothing will beat Vice City for game play enjoyment, what a game that was. Loved it!

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I am also hesitant about the character switching, as mentioned previously


Well I think that it's an innovative feature for what is already going to be a gigantic game. the missions in the last GTA game were really poor. It was all "drive there-kill him-drive back". 


Being able to switch between three people - as the gameplay trailer showcased- will make the missions far more varied and exciting.


This is the kick up the arse the series needed really. I am a little worried that Rockstar were a little too ambitious; scuba diving and hunting sound cool but I wonder how much they are going to add to the game as a whole. Hunting worked great in Far Cry 3, because of the tropical island setting, but in a city and surrounding areas? Not so sure. Also, scuba diving: for what? 

Buried treasure? Hmm.

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My issue with the character switching is that in my opinion it will lack (for want of a better word) intimacy.


The whole story of 1 person is what GTA is all about.


I'm slightly concerned that it will make the story a bit muddled up too, but I still want this game an awful lot.

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