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Met with Demebele's agent, PSG and City also interested.

Absolutely world class player, overshadowed by Messi but at his ripe old age of 22, he still has plenty of show.

I have seen quite a few french people who actually rate him higher than Mbappe, or at least they did at one point.


Doesnt even look to be too expensive of a signing, could be purchased for under 80m

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3 hours ago, Scott Harris said:

No thanks. I still have nightmares about that miss against Liverpool in the Champions League last season. If he had scored, that would have been game over. 

He's been a flop at Barcelona, he just hasn't stepped up when they needed him to. 

He is a flop in Barcelona due to many factors. But you can argue that it doesn't mean that he would be a flop in our team. He can still be a great winger, though for his price it's maybe better to go for Sancho.

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Top talent. Incredible actually. Still 22 and one of the few really top two footed players. The thought of CHO and Dembele terrorising defences for a decade has me drooling a bit. I still remember him against England a couple of years back just slicing the defence apart.

But he has a reputation as a bit of a big time Charlie who lacks discipline. Given the Environment Frank is js trying to build I'm unsure whether that is what we want.

We do have a lot of great French speakers around the club who may be able to change that. If we could and the fee was right then we might have a bit of a steal like Bayern got when they got the similarly injured and undisciplined Robben from Madrid. 

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11 hours ago, Slojo said:

I don't rate him at all, I would even be as disrespectful to say that he's an overpriced Theo Walcott, whenever I've watched him he looks garbage, his whole game relies on pace. 

You cant have seen him many times to refer to him as an overpriced walcott. 

They are both fast, but that is where it ends. 

Dembele is a fantastic player, Pace, trickery, vision, and the thing separates himself from the likes of walcott, he actually has tremendous end product, whether thats finishing or making killer assists. 

He put up better numbers at Dortmund than what sancho has so far, and sancho is on alot of fans wishlists. 

There are two downsides to him though, the furst is his injury record, and the second is his mentality. 

I would take a fit a fully focused Dembele over sancho,  but its unlikely we would get that tbh.

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