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We had joy we had fun ...


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we had seasons in the sun, but the joy didn't last 'cos the special one has passed.

Goodbye to you my trusted friend, we've won league i've dreamed of since I was nine or ten ...

( Continue ........

Goodbye Roman, please pray for me

Kenyon was the black sheep of the family

You made me play Sheva, you were wrong

No wonder we never got along

We had joy we had fun we had United on the run

But fergies wine and Chelsea song

like the seasons have all gone

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Goodbye Kalou, it was short but sweet

When it comes to scoring you're sh*te with both your feet

We pushed you wide, and that was wrong

You can't pass short and can't cross long

We had Duff we had Robben we had Guddy all in tow

But Jose's choices didn't gel

And now we have Sidwell.

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Goodbye Jose we are so sad

It feels like the whole World has gone mad

Roman simply must have gone insane

Just never end up at the Lane !!

We had joy we had fun now I wish I had a gun

But Roman is protected

So i'll go and shoot Ken yun

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Goodbye Jose our Special One,

you gave us 3 years in the Sun,

but RedRom was the boss,

now our season, is a loss.......

You had joy we had fun

we were two years Champions

But Roman wanted more,

now our team can't even score,

and we all want Jose back,

soon Clarky gets the sack.............

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Goodbye G4 we?ve had enough

It?s clear to see you fancy Damien Duff

Your pass and move is so forlorn

Although it gives Veron the horn

You hate beer, Indian food and you thought Le Tallec good

And you co-ordination all went south

When you tried to find your mouth

(probably only G4 and Bluebeard will get the last two lines)

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We had it all, trophies and fame,

Now we have Sidwell starting the game,

We had Duff make his cross,

It didn't matter who was boss,

We had Robben creating plays,

Getting injured his own ways,

He would always trip and fall,

No one cared - f**k it all,

We won the League, Cup and Shield,

Now they can't even play on the field,

What has happened to our players,

Their faces come with many layers,

They are all a bunch of w*****s,

All they care about is their bankers,

Now to Portugal Mourinho went,

No one wants this a*shole Grant,

We had trophies and success,

Now we're in the deepest mess,

They don't care, their love is fake,

They should f**k off for all our sake,

But players leave and managers go,

We're the only ones who truly know.

Love you Chelsea!

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We had joy, we had bliss

we had trophies we could kiss

but we swapped it for a bloke

who's ol' woman gargle's piss!

True Genius Bluenut!

This whole thread is a tribute to all of the posters on it, but you, my man, stand head and bar steward shoulders above the rest

My hat is off to you


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