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MOTM vs Bolton


Who was your MOTM at the Reebok?  

53 members have voted

  1. 1.

    • Cech
    • A Cole
    • Terry
    • Carvalho
    • Belletti
    • Malouda
    • Makelele
    • Lampard
    • Joe Cole
    • Sidwell
    • Kalou
    • Pizarro
    • Shevchenko

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Yeah i watched the game, great to see lampard back he made a big difference in midfield, he got my vote.

Sidwell was very good in defense.

The only thing i dont understand is why Grant put in Sheva for Malouda when we were up 1-0, its not like hes going to do much defensive work.

But he did good later when Ferreira came in for J.Cole, Beletti moved up to midfield and looked very good in that position, he could as well play RM.

The backline was very good, allthough Chech saved us at one time when i think Davies was clear.

Pizzaro looked very good when he came in, won almost everything against Bolton defense, showed great passing skills, and good interaction with Lampard.

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I put Kalou simply because we have been having a hard time scoring goals of late, but he did the job. Also the way the goal was taken, I was very surprised he held 2 big centre-backs off to get the ball in the net.

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Kalou - called him hopeless and he didn't let me down - he scored! Shock! Stiker scores goal! Wonder if I call him hopeless again before boro he'll score again. Well done Kalou, I'm going to keep calling you crap all season. If you score 20 goals plus this season, I'll finally buy this idolatry thing and have a picture of you on the site as my moniker for next season. The sacrafices we all have to make for the good of Chels!

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Equally questionable are the votes for Lamps. Just because he returned perhaps?

The one decent chance Bolton had in the first half was when Lamps cheaply gave the ball away. I can think of other players who get regularly slated for that sort of thing.

Very difficult to give a MOTM when no-one really stood out and I personally only saw brief highlights.

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