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  1. Ready Player One

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I think our players do "get it" tactically. I think they took to "Sarriball" like ducks to water and our start to the season we played it pretty much perfectly. I think other teams have come up with plans to stop it. They know how we're going to play, and frankly, they know the XI too. There is nothing wrong with any of that per se, teams have game plans to stop other teams, and having a fixed starting XI is a statement of intent that you intent to "do you" rather than worry about them. The problem is, it's working for our opponents and not working for us. Sarri is right if he gets results. He's wrong if he doesn't. Rather than the players not "getting it", I think they are losing a bit of faith in what he's trying to do. I also think a few are questioning whether they are being used correctly. I don't think that decline is terminal though, and hopefully having a proper striker can refocus the team/give opponents something different to think about. I don't have a problem with this, but a lot of people say this is where it went wrong for Jose and Conte. For me, sometimes you should tear into the players. Let it be known that "this" isn't good enough. But it gets used in hindsight to criticise managers for "losing the dressing room". I think the problem for us isn't a manager criticising the players or not, but that we constantly sack managers and the players know it.
  2. Ready Player One

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I remember this quote better. "Transfer Market is the refuge of the weak. It is for those who can't train their players. I'm a coach. Give me a group of players and I will coach them." TBF that's what I'd say if I wanted the Chelsea job too. It's funny, because he is much less of a "make the best of what you have" coach than either Jose or Conte. No pragmatism, no compromises. Sarriball or nothing. Not necessarily a bad thing. But a thing. Some might think it a good thing. And they could be right. Depends how you look at it I suppose.
  3. Ready Player One


    While it's easy to empathise with those who want a more productive player than Willian, I think the other players really like playing with him. He's selfless, works hard, is always showing for a pass, and never hides even when everything is going to crap. He's everything you want in a team-mate, but maybe not what you want as a fan.
  4. Ready Player One

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    If it's loads of managers all doing the same thing, the problem isn't the managers. "I have to win" Sarri said. That's the reality for any manager who comes here, someone who is a legend like Mourinho, or someone who is a novice like RDM. You win. You win now. Doesn't even matter if you won the league or the CL 6 months ago. Win or you're gone. Win the FA cup and you'll be sack on the first day or pre-season. The problem isn't the current manager, or any past manager. The problem is "the club" and the buck stops with Roman. Like you say, we've created this culture at the club. Or rather, Roman did. I'm over blaming managers for "not playing the kids". The problem is the club. Not the managers and not "the kids".
  5. Ready Player One


    I thought that was done and dusted well before they signed anyone this summer, but I could be wrong. Both those things are true, but I don't think they'd be looking to cut short a loan for those reasons if the player was looking good.
  6. Ready Player One


    So...what changed from when they signed him 4 months ago? You're saying they want to offload him for financial reasons. 4 months ago they thought they could afford him. What changed? Are they really badly run and didn't realise the impact that 4 months of his wages would do? Or is he not as good as they thought? I don't see another alternative and the former seems a bit unlikely unless Milan are run by absolute amateurs who can't plan 4 months in advance.
  7. Ready Player One


    I don't know if their finances can have changed that much in 4 months. They would have to be incredibly badly run to suddenly need rid. Which they may be. I don't know. If he signs, bump this in 6 months. See how many agree with you then.
  8. Ready Player One

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I don't mean this in a rude way at all, but you are going to have to get used to it. It is integral to what Sarri is trying to do. This is exactly what we are trying to do. "Dangling the carrot" in possession and breaking at speed from that is core to Sarri's gameplan. And that is exactly how teams are reacting to it being our gameplan. It is up to Sarri to come up with a solution for that. What I would add, is that I think the players bought in to what Sarri wanted pretty absolutely early on. It really was one/two touch passing all over the pitch, constant movement. That's how this works (Hazard obviously took more touches, but one player being "above" the system is fine. Mala Leche they call it in Spain). In recent games, that's not happening as much. We're taking too many touches all over the pitch. Sarri needs to sort that if he can. Because this system but "slow" is basically what cost AVB his job here.
  9. Ready Player One


    I have never heard anyone else say that. And I have definitely never heard anyone say that his all-round game is better than his finishing. I doubt you'll be bumping this post in 6 months, I'll put it that way. He ain't coming here to create and link up, and if we want that, then we don't want this guy.
  10. Ready Player One


    No idea how you can look at his situation (not wanted by his parent club, not wanted by his loan club) and have anything but alarm bells ringing. TBF tho, I've never especially rated him. Fine finisher. Useless at everything else. Not sure how that will translate to this league at this stage of his career. I think many will find him frustrating in his all round play and he will find goals harder to come by in England than in Italy or Spain.
  11. Ready Player One


    Would honestly rather have Bats back.
  12. Ready Player One

    That Sterling Incident

    What I said what exactly true. Not an opinion. A literal truth of the political spectrum of governance. Anarchy is one extreme. Dictatorship is the other. Both are effectively "no government". Power absolutely in the hands of an individual, and power absolutely devolved to the collective. I presented the extremes to disprove a statement. I conflated nothing. He's a libertarian who bordered on being a plutocrat iirc. In terms of him, "left/right" was more about who had the power, and he wanted the power to go to capital. The King who takes all your land and most of your money may have a small government, or no "government" at all, but an all powerful monarchy is to the right of that spectrum because all the power belongs to an individual. "Big government" is a middle ground between complete power in the hands of capital (or an individual) and complete power in the hands of the workers or the individual. It is neither left nor right. It is devolved power. There are those who may want it abolished in favour of everyone having the same (the extreme left). And on the other end of the spectrum there are those who want it abolished in favour of power being centralised with one or few (either through capital or otherwise, plutocrats, monarchs or dictators, whatever). You're arguing from a mistaken belief that the little shifts in the middle define the whole. FWIW left/right is far too simplistic, because you can have extreme left wing economic systems with extreme right wing systems of government and/or extreme right wing social policies (dictatorial communists for example) and vice versa (the idea of benevolent dictator or monarch maybe). There is no simple "spectrum". The current way of measuring it is a kind of grid (economic and social policies), and even that is too simplistic really. For example Duterte is "a socialist" but he is generally considered far right irregardless, and the common ground between him and (for example) Corbyn or Sanders is very small (mostly labour rights, which Duterte champions).
  13. Ready Player One

    That Sterling Incident

    The furthest left you can go in terms of government is anarchy (zero government, absolute freedom), and the furthest right is dictatorship (absolute government, zero freedom). So that's not right. Like that crank Jordan Peterson, the stupid person's smart person.
  14. Ready Player One

    Andreas Christensen

    It is. And we'd be stupid to let both him and Cahill go unless we have something lined up. But he doesn't deserve to be in the team. Luiz and Rudiger are playing well enough not to be dropped, and when he has played he hasn't played well enough to even ask that question of Sarri.
  15. Ready Player One

    That Sterling Incident

    Communism isn't a system of government. It's an economic theory. Authoritarian dictators are not left-wing. They are fascists (those two are "Red Fascists" to be precise). You are confusing antifa with tankies. No-one is going out protesting racist authoritarian nationalists holding a banner of Stalin. That would be stupid. And I doubt you've ever met a single antifa anyway. Just heard scare stories about them in the press where they are treated as some form of deluded whataboutery in the name of "balance". Most of the worst things you've heard about "antifa" were probably false flags. Anyway, Colonialism/Imperialism caused more death than any "left wing" economic theory. There is no moral high ground when it comes to those. They've all done good and they all done bad. We tend not to talk about that cos, well, it was us. Kinda hard to teach that to kids. We were bastards who went around the world and killed hundreds of millions cos we wanted stuff to sell for money through our "trading companies". America is built on a genocide. Africa is still recovering from the colonial "scramble". The death toll of British rule in India alone is estimated to be 35m through man made famines. We were monsters in the name of capitalism. But that's not really important. Really the one rule to stick by is "don't be a fascist". If that's too hard, just "Don't be a racist". That'll do. Be nice to people regardless of whether they are in some sort of constructed out group. Work to make the world a better place for everyone, not a chosen few. That we can all agree on if we really think about it. Don't get dragged into protesting a protest. Agree that fascists are bad. Because they are. Agree that protesting them is right, because we fought a big massive war doing just that and pretty much everyone agrees that was ok.