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  1. blueboy26

    Fa Cup 4th Round

    Glad its Wednesday
  2. Always hated that he was booed when he played in the "handshake" game for City. People have such short memories
  3. blueboy26

    Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Don't worry, you're not alone! Me too...Sorry. Can't stand the blues brothers bollocks
  4. blueboy26

    Our New Stadium

    If it so bad here then please don't ever bother coming to the Bridge you dopey prick
  5. blueboy26

    Our New Stadium

    The irony of an American saying that on a forum for a London football team playing in a English league and in a European Cup competition. Seems you care enough about it to be posting on here.
  6. blueboy26

    Our New Stadium

    Don't know if anybody saw a documentary called the "secret history of our streets" that was on BBC 2 a couple of years ago? They did an episode on Portland road in Notting Hill which really made you think. Basically showed the way in which it has been transformed from a vibrant multicultural community in the 1950's and 60's, to a row of Oligarch money holdings. Did a few interviews with the two remaining original residents who say that systematically all their neighbors left, as the money on offer became too high to turn down. I made this point earlier, but if any of you have spent any time in Paris you'll see what we as a city are crashing towards. An inner city , devoid of true local residents, pretty to look at but ultimately soulless. People on lower income will be driven further into the suburbs creating a ring of poor, high crime areas around the city. But as long as it is out of sight , who cares eh?
  7. blueboy26

    Our New Stadium

    I honestly don't know if you're taking the piss
  8. blueboy26

    Our New Stadium

    Also I'm quite happy here thanks. Every Englishman should be proud that we as a country don't leave behind those who need help.
  9. blueboy26

    Our New Stadium

    Peter Branson, that well known entrepreneur....
  10. blueboy26

    Our New Stadium

    Pretty sure that comment wasn't meant seriously
  11. blueboy26

    Our New Stadium

    Who cares about less crime if no one can live there in the first place? Maybe they should concentrate on reducing crime for normal people, not just shipping them out the way
  12. blueboy26

    Our New Stadium

    Not really, London is dying a slow death these days. Slowly driving out anyone on under 60,000. The mega rich buy property as a failsafe way of storing money, leaving huge areas unoccupied, destroying communities. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-26980299 In ten years time most of London will be like Paris, no more than a glorified museum. Its a real shame
  13. blueboy26


    Not sure why people think he's going to be thrown straight in on Sunday. Doesn't really seem like mourinhos style to put a new player in the team for such a big game.
  14. blueboy26

    Our New Stadium

    No way QPR are ever gonna get more that 20,000 even in the Prem. It's gonna be another Coventry Ricoh Arena situation with more than half the ground empty