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  1. Swansea...bit of a weird one...
  2. Meanwhile in Barcalona... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-6978599/Liverpool-fans-Barcelona-filmed-pushing-locals-fountain.html
  3. I remember back in '08 people at least tried to help with the "back to the shed" or "the shed 100" or whatever that was. Now it seems a lost cause
  4. Absolutely shocking again tonight...booing Jorg is so embarrassing. So disaffected with going to the bridge these days. So many tourists. I was in the west lower and couldn't hear a single person around me speaking English and not clutching a half and half scarf posing for a selfie. Also, what happened to the MHL? They used to have a massive song book, now its just carefree, amazing grace, and the occasional "rome to see the pope". Think I might be coming towards the end of my stamford bridge days, and will stick to aways
  5. The club has, to a large extent gone. You still get great away days (arsenal in the carling cup I think 2013 springs to mind) but by and large hope games are a lost cause
  6. errr yeah mate , dunno where you've been, but its been happening for the last 20 years...
  7. The away ticket allocation thing, in general, is a bit of a tricky one to figure out. There is definitely a much tougher line on loyalty points for aways than I remember. On the one hand, it seems fair that those who are going to all the games (including the midweek games god knows where) get rewarded, but I also think our away ends recently have been much older and unfortunately a bit tamer than what I remember... People in their 20's might only be able to afford a couple trips away a year, and I think the way it is currently does make it seem like a bit of a closed shop
  8. Not much given away there....wonder what the legal difficulties were with lowering the share price?
  9. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/280411-you’re-not-chelsea-anymore/ Cue predictable chat from Wednesday fans about how we are everything wrong with modern football. Tbf a lot of them acknowledge that we don't really give a monkeys about them.
  10. Always hated that he was booed when he played in the "handshake" game for City. People have such short memories

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