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  1. It did not take long for Zlatan Ibrahimovic to decide he liked what he saw during Fikayo Tomori’s AC Milan debut in last month’s Coppa Italia derby against Inter. Thrown in at the deep end, just four days after moving to Milan on loan from Chelsea and not speaking or understanding any Italian at that stage, Tomori was sent on as an early substitute to replace the injured Simon Kjaer in the centre of defence. “Alexis Sanchez got the ball and the manager had said to get close to their attackers, so when he got the ball I decided to go straight in,” said Tomori. “I fouled him and Zlatan was like
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/apr/29/manchester-united-to-install-safe-standing-area-for-1500-fans-barrier-seats We should be pressuring the club, if United can do it I don't see why we can't.
  3. would love to see a design for a redeveloped shed
  4. Swansea...bit of a weird one...
  5. Not much given away there....wonder what the legal difficulties were with lowering the share price?
  6. If it so bad here then please don't ever bother coming to the Bridge you dopey prick
  7. The irony of an American saying that on a forum for a London football team playing in a English league and in a European Cup competition. Seems you care enough about it to be posting on here.
  8. Don't know if anybody saw a documentary called the "secret history of our streets" that was on BBC 2 a couple of years ago? They did an episode on Portland road in Notting Hill which really made you think. Basically showed the way in which it has been transformed from a vibrant multicultural community in the 1950's and 60's, to a row of Oligarch money holdings. Did a few interviews with the two remaining original residents who say that systematically all their neighbors left, as the money on offer became too high to turn down. I made this point earlier, but if any of you have spent any tim
  9. I honestly don't know if you're taking the piss
  10. Also I'm quite happy here thanks. Every Englishman should be proud that we as a country don't leave behind those who need help.
  11. Peter Branson, that well known entrepreneur....
  12. Pretty sure that comment wasn't meant seriously
  13. Who cares about less crime if no one can live there in the first place? Maybe they should concentrate on reducing crime for normal people, not just shipping them out the way
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