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  1. Meanwhile in Barcalona... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-6978599/Liverpool-fans-Barcelona-filmed-pushing-locals-fountain.html
  2. I remember back in '08 people at least tried to help with the "back to the shed" or "the shed 100" or whatever that was. Now it seems a lost cause
  3. Absolutely shocking again tonight...booing Jorg is so embarrassing. So disaffected with going to the bridge these days. So many tourists. I was in the west lower and couldn't hear a single person around me speaking English and not clutching a half and half scarf posing for a selfie. Also, what happened to the MHL? They used to have a massive song book, now its just carefree, amazing grace, and the occasional "rome to see the pope". Think I might be coming towards the end of my stamford bridge days, and will stick to aways
  4. The club has, to a large extent gone. You still get great away days (arsenal in the carling cup I think 2013 springs to mind) but by and large hope games are a lost cause
  5. errr yeah mate , dunno where you've been, but its been happening for the last 20 years...
  6. The away ticket allocation thing, in general, is a bit of a tricky one to figure out. There is definitely a much tougher line on loyalty points for aways than I remember. On the one hand, it seems fair that those who are going to all the games (including the midweek games god knows where) get rewarded, but I also think our away ends recently have been much older and unfortunately a bit tamer than what I remember... People in their 20's might only be able to afford a couple trips away a year, and I think the way it is currently does make it seem like a bit of a closed shop
  7. Not much given away there....wonder what the legal difficulties were with lowering the share price?
  8. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/280411-you’re-not-chelsea-anymore/ Cue predictable chat from Wednesday fans about how we are everything wrong with modern football. Tbf a lot of them acknowledge that we don't really give a monkeys about them.
  9. Always hated that he was booed when he played in the "handshake" game for City. People have such short memories
  10. Don't worry, you're not alone! Me too...Sorry. Can't stand the blues brothers bollocks
  11. If it so bad here then please don't ever bother coming to the Bridge you dopey prick

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