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Adebayor to replace Drogba?!


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I know its the Daily Mirror:

Didier Drogba will leave Chelsea this summer and Arsenal’s Emmanuel Adebayor is favourite to replace him.

Carlo Ancelotti, who has given a verbal undertaking to Roman Abramovich that he will leave AC Milan for Chelsea, has named Adebayor as the man he wants to replace Drogba.

Adebayor’s future at Arsenal has been clouded in doubt for over a year and his recent performances in the Champions League semi-final games with Manchester United infuriated Gunners fans.

Drogba will pay the price for his outrageous Champions League antics and Chelsea will want around £10millionfor the African, even though he has just 12 months left on his contract.

Senior club figures were livid at Drogba’s behaviour at the end of last week’s game against Barcelona and the FA Cup Final could now be his last in a Chelsea shirt.

UEFA will decide what disciplinary action to take tomorrow and Chelsea are also likely to fine the striker.

Nicolas Anelka is set to remain at Stamford Bridge. His 23 goals this season, including a career-best haul of 17 in the Premier League alongside his commitment in training and displays in the recent pressure games, have seen his stock rise and his sale is no longer seen as a priority.

Chelsea are also keen on landing left-sided Russian Yuri Zhirkov, who is versatile enough to fill any position on that flank.

Meanwhile, one of the men Ancelotti is poised to leave behind in Milan has come out in support of his boss, despite owner Silvio Berlusconi’s attack on the 49-year-old.

Gennaro Gattuso said: "When I wanted to leave, our vice-president Adriano Galliani and Ancelotti, locked me in Milan’s trophy room and convinced me to stay. Now, if necessary, I will lock up Ancelotti. He has a great relationship in the dressing room and everyone at Milan wants him to remain."

Daily Mirror

While Adebayor is physically fairly similar to Drogba and can play a similar role, he simply isn't good enough. If he can't cut it at Arsenal why the hell would he be able to cut it at Chelsea???

On the other hand, Drogba didn't get really good until his mid 20's and he became almost unstoppable in his late 20's...Adebayor may become the next Drogba maybe?....

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After all the guff about him last season, this season Adebayor has been royally shown up for the lazy, inconsistent very very average striker he actually is. Could not be less interested.

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Chelsea would be insane to allow this to happen. It would be like selling JT and getting in Titus Bramble to replace him. I just prey the whole Ancelotti deal is just his agent trying to get him a new deal at AC. If he does take over at the bridge then it will be another wasted season imo. I have to admit that i am getting worried that this Ancelotti talk is starting to take pace and looking more and more likely. I would rather have Wise and Poyet take over than Ancelotti.

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If I remember correctly, Adebayor had a very good season in 2007-2008. I also remember quite a few posts saying he was overachieving, and wouldn't live up to expectation this season.

What are the stats: in all competetions Adebayor is on 16 goals in 37 appearances at the moment (started in 30 matches), Drogba is on 13 goals in 39 appearances (started in 26 matches). So I'd say they're about level on the goal scoring front, but I'd take Drogba anytime. I can't recall Adebayor doing his bit in the defense, whereas Drogba is throwing his weight around defensively. I don't like his tantrums and his diving, but I'll take it if he scores :)

And would Arsenal be willing to sell him to us? Hmmmm....


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If Ancelotti really thinks Adabeyor is worth having then that should disqualify him from the new manger role as well.

Now , on that we are agreed. Its terryfiying to think that Ancelotti wants him. Who else is on his list ? Nani ? Yakubu ?

If we are to lose Drogs (as it looks like we will) i think we need two strikers to replace him. Its absolutey impossible to start to think Adebayor contains any of the traits we need. If this happens and clearly at this stage its paper talk but if we do get Ancelotti and then Adebayor , I will go into the new season so utterley underwhelmed and disillusioned its hurts to think about it.

I honestly think we would be better of to go into our new season with Souness as our manager and Marcus Bent as our centre forward. Seriously , i think we would win more games.

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so let me get this straight. last year when he was playing really well we were linked with him but it turned out to be rubbish. yet they think that this year we will sign him, even though hes been sh*te....give me strength.

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Arsenal wouldn't want to sell him to us and even if they resigned to selling him, they'll ask for a fortune. Had a very good season last year but this season looks anything but. Lazy donkey with a crappy attitude.

There are other options out there, who'll cost much less and can potentially help more, players like Pogrebnyak or Dzeko.

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Not saying I want Adebyor but I do want Drogba replaced. That said it doesn't mean we have to continue with one person up front which means it doesn't have to be like for like with Drogba - I'm sort of looking forward to the team moving on and changing a bit.

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