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Shed End Player of the Year


How should we decide our player of the year?  

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  1. 1. How should we decide our player of the year?

    • Have a one off poll
    • Player with most MOTM awards
    • Player with most MOTM votes

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I was just wondering how people would like us to choose our player of the year.

The way I see it there are thre obvious options.

1. We have a one off poll with all the first team squad on the list and you simply vote for your choice

2. The player who has beena warded the most Man of the Match awards over the whole season (and I am talking about our MOTM polls)

3. The player who has racked up the most votes for Man of the Match over the whole season (again I am talking about our MOTM polls)

Just to be clear - the difference between option 2 and option 3 is that a player may have won say 7 MOTM awards over the season but may have got less votes than someone who only won it 4 times because the person who only won 4 was consistently picking up votes even when they didn't actually get the MOTM award.

I will be tabulating the MOTM votes etc after the FA Cup final so I will leave this poll up until then.

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Loz, how about a 4th option. Run a one off Poll to see who we all think, then release who won the most MOTM awards to see if the general concensus is the same at the end of the season as it has been all season.

Actually, thinking about it, if it was consitancy over the season, then wouldn't it be the person with the most votes, not necessarily the most wins? Either way it'd be interesting to compare


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basically it's which way do we want lampard to win?

I think probably tallying votes over the season is best;

drogba could hit a hat trick in the fa cup final (please let it happen) and then you get reactionary / short term voting for a long term award.

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I voted for a one off poll as I think many of the MOTM votes aren't done seriously.

But to save all the bother, why not just give it to Lamps now?

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I reacon MOTM wins.

That way, playing well in smaller matches is rewarded (where under the 'MOTM votes' system, an amazing performance against, say Stoke would be a similar number of votes for a poor performance in a large game).

Plus the one off vote gives too much scope for nostalgia about the season to be put in, where making decisions on performances is best done soon after the game.

Just my two cents.

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I voted for a one-off vote simply because relying on MOTM votes will hide the inconsistency of some of the winners of those polls. Like Mikel and Deco, having won one or two over the year, will probably end up higher than A.Cole, which is barking mad.

But by all means do tally up the votes and let us compare - should make for an interesting read.

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I'd prefer an indiviual poll , basically because it gives everybody the option to choose THEIR player of the year . I think we all know who's the favourite but it would be better to let us all make the decision individually.

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I voted the third option. Seriously, people tend to forget things at the beginning of the season, and overrate things that happened recently. Thus, to be fair, we should treat a MoM in August, 2008 the same as a MoM in May, 2009. The once only poll is unfair, as again it weights against players who may have had a not-so-good last month or so, but had a very good first 5 months of the 08/09 season.

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What does the most motm show?

After every game there is a poll for people to vote for their man of the match - I have kept track of all the votes over the course of the season.

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Yes I know that. I meant ,and apologies for not speaking Scotttish well enough, its a year since I've been in Glasgow although back there June 10 for a morning... I meant what do the results show?

Was it Lampard?

I notice Lampard only scored 12 goals in the PL this season. That's down on previous years from memory. In my view, and its not a straight line, but the first sign of ageing is the number of goals scored starts to go off. You get more assists etc etc but the goals themselves go off.

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Aargh sorry - misunderstanding. You will find out what the MOTM shows after the FA Cup final.

Lampard has still scored 19 goals in all competitions and he has actually score more goals in the league this season then he has in the past two seasons so I don't think his number of goals scored has diminished with age in the slightest. In fact in the past 5 seasons he has scored 19, 20, 21, 20, 19 so pretty consistent to be honest.

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