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Team Bridge :laugh2:

You made your bed with that move and now that big bad Man City have decided youre past it. Go make a tshirt.

Still, what he says about MCFC and money has some truth. They seem so obsessed with not losing money on a player sale, they will waste millions keeping that player on their books.

True, yeah proper blues fan our Joey. "I’m a Liverpool man, and I have a lot of friends there still, but I’m really enjoying my time here, and I feel I fit in.”

Liverpool man, not Liverpool fan. They still have his rights and wages on their books ( :laugh2: ) so its not like he can put them down. Still, I have to think Joey cries himself to sleep at night remembering the days he played in the royal blue in some of the biggest games of the season.

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If Yuri had have been less injured he might have played more.

Never know if he could have been a success here. He was unlucky to come here when Cole was virtually always fit and Malouda was virtually always good.

No time for sour grapes though. I wish he had gone to Bayern as well, would have saved us 18m

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Very sorry to hear Yuri never wanted to come. He was a good player and helped us a great deal in our successful season. The interview proves what we disliked about Carlo the most - he would always pick players pretty much regardless of form and stick with same old, same old. I hope they are both better off where they are now.

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'Jose Mourinho to quit as Real Madrid manager in June'

The story in The Guardian is fascinating. There seems to be a real split between Mourinho and his players. That's unheard of. His strength is squad unity.

I think 2 things are at work here.

The first is obvious. Mourinho can't beat Barca. Well, once. But that's not enough for Madrid. This paramount failure is putting a lot of stress on his team.

The second comes down to Mourinho's style. He's unlikely to ever have a Ferguson-like tenure anywhere, even if he wants it. His type of constant drama, his type of pressure, his need for attention -- it's just not sustainable at a single club for the long term. Players, owners, officials in the organization, the media, you name it -- they burn out. They tune him out. Unless he changes his style pretty dramatically, he'll always be a short-term manager.

Unless Jose finds a way to beat Barca, I think he does indeed leave at the end of the season. And I think his dream job --Manchester United -- is as far away as it ever has been.

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I think a big reason for the problems Mourinho has had at Real are with the power the players have. If Ramos or Casillas have an issue with something the manager does, they can go to the directors at the club. That's what happened to Capello, winning the league wasn't enough for him because Raul disagreed with his tactics. There are players there used to having that kind of power and even though Mourinho has a lot right now, losing to Barca and failing to overtake them in the league is going to chip away at that until eventually they get rid of him. It's a shame because I'd love to see Mourinho given another two seasons at least with the funds to go out and buy any player he wants to try and topple Barca and not because I particularly like Real or particularly dislike Barca, just because the competition between them is so fierce, the football they'll have to produce to beat them is going to be so good that it's just going to be great to watch.

Let Mourinho get on with it and see what he can do. I firmly believe he's the only one who can get Real to that level and beyond that, it's going to take a poor appointment by Barca or some f**k up there for them to be beaten in the short term. No matter how much I'd love us to be able to be that good, I don't think we can do it short term. Messi is just too good, Xavi is just too good, Iniesta is just too good. Given 4-5 years, we can be that good again, but it's going to be a tough ask. Luckily we only have to beat them in a knock out competition, so anything can happen.

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Hear hear Eggy; he's done well at Real given the pre-eminence of probably the greatest club side of all time & the constant power-play/internecine warfare always being waged at Real. Anyway, he's just biding his time there until Ferguson quits as that's the job he's really after. If he can go out as a winner of La Liga this year notwithstanding the above, then, so it seems to me, that his reign there will have been successful given all the circumstances.

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