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MOTM vs Newcastle



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  1. 1. Who was your MOTM against Newcastle?

    • Cech
    • A Cole
    • Ivanovic
    • Alex
    • Bosingwa
    • Mikel
    • Ramires
    • Malouda
    • Drogba
    • Kalou
    • Anelka
    • Sturridge

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Ashley 'best left back in the world' Cole

Had it not been for his header off the line - another certain defeat.

With Taylor and Campbell given their first starts and no Collochini and Nolan to say

Newcastle were there for the taking.

Is it me or are we looking to pass, pass, pass like Arsenal ?

In this and the Brum game we had all the play, but our gun is firing blanks in some

cases and the trigger is not being pulled in others.

We went 4-4-2 today, Anelka never got close enough to Drogba, young Josh

our best player midweek never got a sniff again.

As for Alex, clearly injured and given a torrid battering by Carroll in the air, it's about

time we gave Bruma a little faith and also put him in the firing line.

It's ironic, that when everyone is banging on about injuries and our lack of depth,

Bruma and Josh are yet to start a Premiership game this season ?

This is the first time this season i've really felt as if we should have easily won,

Newcastle are average without injuries, with them they are not even a top

championship team.

Very disappointing result, goals have dried up and we can't keep a clean sheet

for toffee,

, Lamps and Essien and JT your team needs you!

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thought it was a close call between Bran & Ash and went for Bran----fcukkn gives all every game and that tit of a ref give him or the team fcuk all all game---every time Bran stood up to Carrolls bullyboy tactics he gave a free against him---pathetic reffing, but then i don't think he has ever gave us a fair game when involved with Chelsea.....how he didn't give a penalty for foul on Ash i'll never know, how did he ever get to ref at this level??

too many underperformers again today---Nico run his arse off but in midfield/wings and not up where he could score...Ramires and Malouda had good 2nd halves but both were pretty poor 1st half....

Again we have this slow slow start and are punished, teams then just sit back and try pick us off on the break......we have to change the early intensity Carlo!!

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Close call for me between Ivanovic and Malouda, I think Ivan was steady both halves where Flo was below par first half so will give my vote to Ivan.

Ash done great with the clear off the line header but I felt he got beaten more than usual down the wing other wise he might have got my vote, Bosingwa suffered the same I thought.

If we ever get a fit pair of first choice Centre backs It wouldn't surprise me to see Ivan back at RB on todays performance.

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Malouda and Ramires (!) had pretty decent second halves, but for his goal line clearance and effort I'll put Cole. Mikel was terrible though, gave the ball away far too often.

cole? apart from having trouble from wayne routledge ffs? not one of his best games for me,i`ll be interested to see how many do their weekly ramires bashing,and see if the mikel sychophants dare to give him the motm,because imo(and i reckon im not alone)he had a nightmare.when you take into account his pre-match bit about some players having to toughen up,he goes and has a stinker!.I thought ramires had a good second half,and showed a lot of energy,which is more than you could say for some of our 'untouchables'.the amount of over-running when on the ball was frustrating to watch,especially when in good positions,anelka in particular,and malouda was a standout for me in underhit passes.some of the approach play was good ,but at times it was lethargic,with bad passes slowing down the flow.

I thought the defence played ok overall,considering how big and powerful carroll was,although bosingwa couldnt get past gutierrez,and cole as previously mentioned with routledge had problems. ancellotti is the only one who knows why he didnt put sturridge on earlier,and then when he did he went out on the right,then switched to left and then back to right again.a straight swop with kalou would have imo been the best option.when there are 4 strikers on,they seem to get in eachothers way.

my motm goes to drogba,he didnt have things his own way with campbell and taylor shackling him,but he never gave up,and was always dangerous imo.

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Ashley Cole - saved us from anothe loss with a brave goal line clearance after Cech's moment of madness, should had a penalty as well. Rameries is getting better in terms of keep possession and few good runs, but his passing is still very sloppy. Boswinga needs to put some early cross in instead of 'look, wait, and watch' every time he is in a decent position, and for heaven sake stop cutting inside.

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I thought Ivanovic was excellent. Took over Carroll duties from Alex and did an excellent job.

Malouda did well, as did Ramires in the second half when he played a bit more on the front foot.

Overall though a listless performance, lacking in confidence and any sort of drive from midfield.

It was news to me that we played 4-4-2. Anelka spent more time in midfield than upfront, mostly slowing play down just give Newcastle a chance to organise. Essien and Frank can't come back quick enough.

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hard to pick anyone................altho some get points for effort (ash, ramires & malouda), but in all honesty it was pretty poor stuff wasn't it

carlo sticks to his front 3 in 433 system but thats a luxury if they arnt doing their jobs - yes, thats it - scoring goals................all 3 were off it yesterday

dunno if its confidence, or motivation, or application or what - but the 3 of em don't connect together enuf, they hang on to it too long, don't cross it enuf and don't get in the 6 yard box enuf. drogs looks half asleep - maybe its the malaria?, but he looks half-hearted to me, couple flashes of effort but most of the time he was jogging about not getting involved.

Nico worked hard but mostly with his back to goal, linking the play and not adding much progressive football

kalou was typical, some slinky runs which delivered nought, a defected goal, an awful miss and a look of bewilderment

keep saying it - these strikers need to earn their corn, OR GET DROPPED

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