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For people who don't have an avatar...


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... Why don'tcha have one? Unsure what to have? Haven't seen a picture you want? Other reason?

If there's a player or a specific photo [e.g. JT with a trophy, Pete with a save, Drogs with a goal etc] you'd like as an avatar but unsure where to get it - just say in this thread and I'll try to hunt down a good picture for you to use.


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No problem, this is just a normal, coloured action shot:


Unfortauntley I don't have the software anymore to do the really good graphics stuff :( so it's just a normal picture that will re-size itself when you upload it on your profile. Of course if anyone does request a picture, but decides they don't like it or no longer want it - I won't be offended if you don't use it :)

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Mine is me at the Bridge posing with one of those novelty pics on the wall.

Maybe a newbie question but what's an avatar

See the pic under you name? That's an avatar. Helps people recognise who is posting without looking at the name.

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Very kind offer from Gem :)

I mostly use tapatalk to view forums and on some of them you can change the avatar from you're mobile device.

Can't seem to do that here at The Shed End though.

Is there a reason for this or is it something the mods could enable?

Makes it really easy to change you're avatar :)

Blue is the colour!

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Gem, I tried to send you a PM about something but I got an error that says you can't receive any.


Trying to block me out... Makes me sad.

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