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Chelsea v Arsenal (PL) 20/1/13 KO 13:30 GMT


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I think we'll pick up against them, our troubles of late haven't been that we've played badly (except maybe in the match yesterday, but i'm talking QPR/Swansea, etc.), the problem has been we haven't been able to break teams down at home that have come and parked the bus.


Arsenal won't defend as deeply and I think we have a real chance, i'm predicting another 2-1 to us (assuming Ba starts, if he doesn't i'll say a 2-0 loss).

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Expect a draw.The style of Arsenal suits us. Their defence is pretty dodgy, and they dont have a great finisher either, I expect either Ramires or Betrand plays in the front 3. Since JT didn't get any game time on Wednesday, doubt he will start, a big loos to us thanks to the fat waiter.


If a loss means the FSW get the boot, I will take a 0:2. It's a big game, he will play it safe, a 1:1 is the most likely result. 

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We are due a win at home!


Prediction:   Chelsea 3    Arsenal 1

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Can't see us winning this game. I really can't put my finger on what's going wrong at home at the moment. Now we actually have a striker that team on paper is as good as anyone's in the league and we still can't hold onto a 2-0 lead at home to a poor Southampton side. It's easy to blame FSW but the players have to take some flack too.

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Really? I've looked at all 4 groups and i don't see Senegal anywhere.



They're just taking the piss, jack!  Don;t worry about it!  It refers back to another thread that you probably haven;t seen yet.

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