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Fsw & his notepad.


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Ive often wonderd what the interim scribbles on his notepad,I mean,just how much can happen in 90 minutes of football that you can't commit to memory?.


Well,after much thought :rolleyes:, I've come up with the following idea's!.


1.Ask the Sky peeples why I look that much more gormless in HD.


2.Remember to sit in the 'away' dugout when we play at Anfield.


3.Tell Lampard I will speak to Roman about a new contract only if he changes his name to Stevie G.


4.Don't say 'tis a fact' on interviews.


5.Don't get caught by the misses on tv staring at Eva's bum when she treats an injured player.


6.'Tis a fact' that to much Paella is giving me flatulance which is killing the lads in the dugout.


7.Ask Roman that to improve the 'atmosphere' at the Bridge,he should change the name of The Shed to The Kop.


8.I hate Rodgers,he take my job at Liverpool.


9.I still think Barry is better than Alonso.


10.Gummfff!!, Torres!!.



Thats just a few,but there must be more...............

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He's writing the lyrics to ynwa to try cheer him up. Bit of luck it's a new CV.


He's writing the lyrics to Fernando.


"There is something in the air tonight

 The stars are bright, Fernando.

 They are shining down for you and me

 For all to see, Fernando.


 Though we never thought we would lose

 There's no regret.

  If I had to do the same again

  I would, my friend, Fernando"

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I think hes writing a few notes to post on the Shed end Forum, making up some new usernames and thinking of new reasons to say why we should be happy hes here.


I think his pseudonyms include chelseagirl1 which was his pet name for Torres before he got the Job here and Timetowaste is just a tribute to his two years on the Dole.




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