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Memphis Depay


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Every year there’s one or two teams in Europe that are full of young players who go onto be stars. I get to watch quite a bit of European football on tv and this year the two teams I’ve enjoyed watching have been Dortmund and Lyon. 

We’ve talked a lot bout Fekir but for my money he hasn’t been the main man. Lyon have a couple of excellent central midfielders who will surely end up at a richer club, they have a new fast winger and they have Memphis. 

Depay was a flop at ManU but playing as central striker he is doing a great job both for Lyon and Holland and scoring bucketloads of goals. He didn’t cot Lyon that much and has about two years left on his contract so I reckon he would fit in well with Sarri ball

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His failure at United shouldn’t make much of a difference.  He played on the left there.  Plays more central now.  And it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a player struggled his first go round in the PL, only to come back and wreck havoc (see de Bruyne and Salah).

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For sure there are players on the other end, who have not done well in their second spell in the PL.  Falcao I wouldn’t consider part of that group, considering he never really left and came back.  Just played 2 straight seasons and was never really 100% fit.

Veron honestly is before my time, but he also didn’t really leave and come back.

Anyways, can’t we just hope that he would do well, rather than not?  So much negativity.

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I checked out a youtube on his recent performances and he looked good both lively and dangerous with some cracking goals.

He did not look like a No.10, he mainly appeared to be coming from a deep central or wide position and threatening. 

Perhaps more like a replacement for Willian should he move on this season and a second striker should the main man get injured.


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