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2 hours ago, bluehaze said:

To be honest I didn't put the names up as I assumed everyone would know who they were ! Colin Pates hasn't changed at all although he might be before your time.

Pates hair seems darker than it was. Looks like there's some " Just for Men" action occurring.  

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On 29/02/2020 at 21:47, Scott said:

Want some old stuff?

Chelsea youth player Michael Mancienne  is now 32 and playing in MLS. How is that possible?







We sold him in 2011, £1,75m to Hamburg though the bulk of his appearance came later playing for Forest in the Championship.

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On 26/02/2020 at 22:04, bluehaze said:

I used to think yeah David Lee does look a bit like Rodney Trotter till I saw this he's the spit of him.



Still can’t get my head around Jody Morris now being assistant manager. 15 years ago I couldn’t think of a player less suited- whenever I saw him out and about which was quite often, he stuck me as thick as two short planks and always smashed out of his head.

People change I guess 

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First game of the season in 95 I saw him get into a BMW after the game I thought at the time something doesn't sit right. Don't know if you saw this first time round haven't bothered rewatching it especially as Rix is in it.


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18 minutes ago, MKBlue said:

Chopper in a nice Gabiccci possibly, while the King completes that late 70s early casual look with a Slazenger jumper and what look suspiciously like Farahs, way ahead of their times those boys.

I've got a Gabicci cardigan because I saw Don Letts wearing one in an interview there known as a yardie cardie. You wouldn't believe how much a Slazenger heritage jumper costs now I bought one in 1981 for a tenner in a sports shop in Wembley.


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On 01/03/2020 at 09:30, bluehaze said:




On 03/03/2020 at 23:09, bluehaze said:

Home. For me first time as a nine year old and countless times after and easy to bunk in as well. 



Still have visions of that dark March night in 1985, it was rammed getting in there, total carnage trying to get in. It was Sunderland in the Milk Cup Semi Final, need I say more...

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