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New Years Wish List

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Now, I am old enough not to believe in Santa, Genies etc etc, but just supposing a magic fairy (thats enough of the Graham Norton jokes) did visit us Chelsea fans on New Years Eve (also the opening of the transfer window). What exactly would we wish for? I know that you usually only get three wishes, but that doesn't quite do it so this time only, you get 10 wishes which must all be Chelsea related icon_biggrin.gif

I've had a go, now its your turn.

1.RA realises his desperate mistake, sacks Avram and appoints Lippi with Zola as interpreter.

2. We sign Micah Richards and show Paulo the door

3. RA in a restrospective mood realises another dreadful error and sacks Kenyon icon_lol.gif

4. He appoints David Dein to run the Club

5. We sell Sheva to AFC Wimbledon (nobody higher up the league structure wants him)

6. Frank realises his dream of a move to Barca and we give them an extra £30 million and get Lionel Messi

7. We get every player fit, and they stay fit all the way to the CL final in Moscow

8. We beat Liverpool 4-0 in the ECL Final

9. Fernando Torres so distraught at losing immediately applies for a transfer and we buy him to replace Sheva for a knockdown £15 million

10. A locally born, lifelong Chelsea season ticket holding billionaire (with a brain) makes RA an offer he cannot refuse and buys the Club.

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1. Wingers with pace

2. Wingers who sometimes actually use the width of the pitch and don't always cut inside

3. Wingers who can cross

4. A central midfielder who isn't a player with 'a bit of everything' but a specialist in none - I want us to have one central midfielder who you can genuinely call creative

5. Lose Pizarro

6. Take a chance on Sinclair

7. Our players to stop acting like spoilt brats when a decision goes against us

8. Ballack to be firmly established in the first team (form and fitness obviously dependant)

9. A standing area at the Bridge

10. Getafix as our medical man

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1.) JT fit for the whole season (also rest of his career)

2.) Mourinho comes back

3.) Shevchenko scores a hat trick every game

4.) Lampard begins to play at his top form again

5.) SWP learns how to cross a ball

6.) Have a corner kick go past the first man

7.) Sign Huntelaar

8.) Sell BH

9.) Wins for the rest of the season, even if it is dull 1-0 wins.

10.) RA looks on this forum and reads our suggestions, listening to them all and carries them out.

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1.Get all the injured back fit asap.

2.For JT:come back but stop debating every ref decision and go back to the old JT that was one of the world's best defenders and a true leader. Forget England,Maclaren,Capello etc and concentrate on your club.

3.Buy youth. Buy speed.Buy creativity. We've got more than enough athletes. Let's bring a few more artists. Not too many though - we need balance.

4.Let's start scoring again from the set pieces. While i'm at it, let's re-learn how to defend the set pieces.

5.Let's win something this season.Anything.

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I want Grant to settle on a system and stick to it. IF we are going to play a 4-4-2 with Anelka and Drogs or Sheva up front then please get rid of Malouda and Sweepy. IF we are sticking to a 4-3-3 then rotate the wingers and striker and buy/sell accordingly.

I would imagine that Ballack and Lampard would play along with Essien. Maka is used only for important games and Mikel is in rotation. Do we need Sidwell after the ACN?

We have 7 players for the front 3 positions. I would imagine Pizzaro is on the outski if not in Jan then suerly end of the year. I would say keep Malouda, Joey and Sweepy for the wide positions and Drogba, Anelka and Kalou is striker options. However, if Drogba stays beyond this season then suerly we must think about playing him alongside Anelka in a 4-4-2 (assuming we sign Anelka)

Happy New Year!


ps - can someone gift Grant a book on tactis.

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Guest Brian M

In no particular order:

Buy a new striker who can actually score goals on a regular basis. Someone who's got SPEED in his bag of tricks, Henry style; can BEAT DEFENDERS with the ball at his feet, Zlatan style, and who has a ROCKET SHOT like JFH. (Not asking much is it?!)

Get rid of Grant and bring in FR or Mr. Ed the talking horse. Both of which will do a better job than the current manager.

Sell Sheva and Mr. Piz.

Buy a world class playmaking midfielder who can dictate and change games.

Buy a right back who's as good in his position as JT is in his. Someone who can attack and defend. This has been a weakness for us for far too long and needs to be addressed pronto.

Sell Sidwell. Nice enough bloke, but why Jose? Why?

Sell Malouda before he finds something else to complain about, and buy a young, exciting left winger with a lot to prove. Ideally one who isn't made of glass, please. Failing that, bring back Duff.

Bring back Guddy to take the place of Mr. Piz in the Chelsea squad.

Sell Gentle Ben and buy a central defender who is Chelsea class, not Bolton class.

Sell Carlo to Man City so he can get the first team football he so richly deserves...and can get picked for England!

Sell Lamps. Like Arse did with Henry, I think we've got the best out of him, and next season it's time to look forward, not back. Let him go join JM at Barca or Milan. We've got Essien, Mik, Ballack and maybe Ronnie coming in. Someone's got to go.

Get Drogba to sign a new contract. Whatever it takes.

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I want BJD and Coombsie to stick to their avatars all through 2008.

icon_lol.gif Val clap2.gif

My fourteen year old daughter put this up, when I asked her to find me something decent !!!

I do remember the Pepe le Peue (spelt wrong) cartoons though

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I'd settle for anyone who can take a corner that can beat the first man. Oh, and for some of our young players to be given a chance.

4. He appoints David Dein to run the Club

Why would you want him?

Because he's not Peter Kenyon?

It's bad enough Chelsea being run by a Manc, but a Gooner? Especially that Gooner.

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1. That Roman would give me 0.1% of his wealth (geezer's too greedy Roman!)

2. For various reasons I also wish none of coombsie's wishes come true.

VERY surprised you don't like 7,8 & 9 !!!

Not a Scouser are you ??????

Re: no.8, I don't even want Pool to make it anywhere near the final.

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I don't think Malouda has been given enough of a chance to say that we should sell him after the amount we shelled out for him. Sidwell should at least be given a season with us, but I think he will go to a mid table club in the summer, where he can play 1st team footy

I think Pizarro isn't quite at our level, and neither is TBH. However, I think TBH will gradually phase out as Carvs and terry come back. We still need a little back up in the CB area due to our luck in the injury and suspension front. however, I would like to see mancienne given that 4th spot.

So, for me.... bring in Van der Vaart, ASAP. I think he might be the creative midfielder that we COULD land. I don't think Riquelme is a player that would come to us, but VDV may! Let Lamps go in the summer, and say a huge thanks for all he has done. let sidwell go in the summer too, on to a team like Brum. Let Pizarro go too. Let Sheva have ONE amazing season for us! Get Drogs a couple years on to his contract, ASAP! Also, sing Huntelaar in the january window, and NOT Anelka!

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Guest Brian M

One other thing, whatever central defender we buy to take Gentle Ben's place in the squad, needs to be FAST. As all three of our central defenders are SLOW. Strong, positionally aware, but SLOW. And against teams like Arse, it'd be nice to have someone alongside JT who (Gallas style) can make up for a mistake or a quick through pass, by his speed.

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