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Welcome to Chelsea Nicolas Anelka


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::clap2:: Brilliant news. Let's not expect him to score hatfulls straight away and he will be class.

What would be the point of buying him if we didn't want him to score hatfuls straightaway? We already have someone who can not score hatfuls. 300.gif

I said 'expect' not 'want'. I want him to score every game..


We expected Drogba, Kezman and Sheva to score hatfulls when they arrived remember, that was probably a big part of the reason they didn't.

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But if he's flapping he's just scored, so I can put up with that. clap2.gif

Wouldn't mind see that 15-20 this year.

Exactly! Let's see the "butterfly effect" in action. Besides, if it's for his daughter, I say let him do it. At least he doesn't do something daft like Robbie Keane. I mean, does he still pretend he can do the cartwheel...? icon_lol.gif

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Leave out the whining and the handflapping, and you'll be fine. Is someone already composing a song for him?

Anelka, woah

Anelka woah

He played in Istanbul

He hates the Arsenal

Anelka woah.......

Same as the old Tiago song. Why Istanbul, because that's where Fenerbache play their games.

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interesting signing-

obviously a quality player, and this is his last chance to win thing and perform at a high level- his problems always came about due to his ambition and often impatient, but he always got on well with his actual teammates, so I'm not too worried about that side...

he's a very good footballer, with a good record re: fitness - compare it to united's deal for saha or spurs' deal for bent. Would start him ahead of pizzaro tomorrow.

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Interesting comment on the official site:

Avram Grant has expressed hope the transfer of Nicolas Anelka will be finalised in time for the player to line-up against Tottenham tomorrow - a game he rates as a big test for his team


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here's my biggest concern about Anelka:


WTF is that? i mean, i know it's french, but come on! even accounting for the fact it's french, it doesn't make sense.

scene one: Anelka and rugby boy are working in a fast food restaurant, calmly enjoying dinner

scene two: for no explainable reason, tension mounts rather quickly, and the two give each death stares

scene three: Anelka and rugby boy are in the kitchen with their heads clashing against each other, much like two boxers on weigh-in day

scene four: they start to disrobe, then show off for each other with tricks, before running through the back kitchen together, squaring off? fighting? (wait, this is starting to sound like a gay pr0n movie???)

scene five: they each kick an empty fast food box against the wall. hooray.

scene six: cue the disgusting burgers with...wait, did you guys *write* on the bun? aw, god, i don't want to eat that!

scene seven: they now stand back to back, prostitituting their individual burgers towards the cameras in a vain and pathetic attempt to convince you to eat his meat, and not the other guy's meat

welcome, nicolas -- i guess Avram chose your meat.

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