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Abramovich puts Chelsea for sale?


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From a Spanish website:

Abramovich puts Chelsea for sale?

Seriously affected by the world financial crisis, Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich is thinking of selling either Chelsea or his luxury yacht "Pelorus".

Assets depreciation and another effects of the world financial crisis might have reduced Roman Abramovich's personal fortune from €16,700 million to €2,300 million, according to Russian news agency Prime-Tass.

This is the current scenario for the Russian tycoon, who must made a decision: either he puts Chelsea for sale (he invested more than €210 million since July 2003, including the team's debts) or he sells his yacht, which is said to cost some €200 million.

The press published statements from an expert in financial transactions in soccer and former manager of two teams from Germany; according to him, "rumors about selling Chelsea started spreading in November" and Abramovich "is looking for a broker to lead the transaction."

Meanwhile, cuts in budget are already in force at Chelsea: 15 managers were fired (they earned €156,000 total per year)and no more free meals for the players at the cafeteria, according to Russian TV channel "Vesti-24"

The same page has a nice little "Watch Girls Free" link, here:


The promo features a very nice looking bird in a blue bikini. The significance of which is absolutely sweet f.a. But I thought I'd mention it anyway.

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Yeah, I saw this bullsh*t making the rounds on several rival forums, mancs dippers, all the same desperate sh*t citing dodgy russian sources and random Spanish links. Im sure they were all touching themselves thinking about the long awaited collapse of Chelsea that has been imminent on like 3 or 4 occasions now.

Except there are gigantic holes in their statics and research that make nothing add up. Are we seriously expected to believe Roman Abramovich had so much money in liquid assets, and none in concrete assets, that a few weeks in September reduced his fortune by six fold? He was alleged to have so much money sitting in English banks that he was earning a million pounds in interest alone every 96 hours

Also, their initial figure of 16 billion is old. That was prior to the sellup of assets in Gazprom. The latest I saw on wikipedia is 23 million. And even I dont trust that because im sure a man as cunning as Roman isnt going to let any information get out

I like how punters all over the web were touching themselves at the prospect of this. c**tS

I decided to keep the club from selling for now.

If and when I change my mind, the sportsya.com will be as usual the first to know.

lol well done ;)

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If Abramovic really was thinking about which one to sell: a football club he raised to a new level(with thousands of people involved) or a boat I would suggest to sell the club immediately :iorishLiam: .

I'll have the boat for a tenner if that helps the Big A out.

Make a decent venue for the end of season curry .......................

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Oi oi ...what about that bird in the blue bikini!

Can't believe no-one has picked up on that!!! Christ, she'd certainly ease the pain if Roman did sell the club.

Also, if Roman were to sell, it's not as if he's going to sell us on to someone for any kind of loss in money. therefore, whoever buys us will have to be pretty wealthy....therefore, I doubt we'd plummet into financial turmoil straight away.


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Wouldn't give you a Liverpool fan for the value of that list. Who would know what debts and promises side deals etc there are on the side. Even assuming you could estimate the asset values properly.

I hope Roman is worth all that much because then we can still play. When you think about it long term our ground is smaller than Manu and arsenal and the brand name likely doesn't sell as much world wide. Then there is the sponsorship

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according to the list roman is 3rd with a personal fortnue of £7 billion. so much for him losing all his money, looks like the rumours were bollocks unsrurprisingly.

Exactly, I know he lost a lot....but the fact he still has 7 times more than the Glazers and no talk of them selling the beloved Manure. Mital and Eccelstone, both QPR owners, in the top 10...when will they make a push for Premiership Glory?

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Arent QPR looking terrible this seasons? I was wondering the same thing about their owners.

The further down in the leagues you go, the easier I feel it would be to pump a bit of cash into the club and shoot up like a rocket. If they picked up some good Championship talent and a few premier league benchwarmers, they could have QPR in a promotion scrap.

Maybe they are trying to restructre the club for the longer term, but lord knows with that kind of money you can afford to multitask.

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Interesting, but could just be more press speculation as they seem to be totally focused on Roman's losses lately, and they really don't like us much, do they! I hope we keep the shady Russian in charge!

Mind you, from seeing BJD's picture of Roman's new bit of fluff, I can't blame him for being distracted!

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When did he last attend to a Chelsea game?

He was there yesterday.

I think a lot of hacks are putting two and two together. We have seen a few stories like this recently (in fact there is a similar thread somewhere), whilst you could argue there is no smoke without fire , do these people really have any indication of what Roman plans to do ?

Time will tell...

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