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  1. RMCM


    The simple fact is that Pedro has goals in his game from open play (we've all seen his finishing is outstanding) and Willian doesn't, and that's why i'd have him starting ahead of Willian in every league game. We definitely need to look at the situation on that right wing though, they're both ageing wingers and the burden can't lie with hazard every game to create and score
  2. RMCM

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Reckon he'll take a sabbatical for a while, clearly needs it, hasnt looked like he's enjoyed his football for years now. Can see him managing Portugal or an international team now
  3. RMCM

    Marcos Alonso

    I see a lot of bashing of Emerson, but it's incredibly hard to judge him based on one or two appearances here and there with Christensen and Cahill alongside him, as opposed to our first choice defence. He looks like the real deal to me but just needs an extended run in the team. He cannot be any poorer of a defender than current-form Alonso is, and should offer more going forward with his pace. I'd like to see him get a run in the league, Alonso has been off the boil for some time now
  4. Good scoreline to go in at, but we don't look to be creating a lot of clear cut chances, could be due to brighton playing 9 at the back though. Hazard is playing fantastic, Dave, Luiz, Rudiger, Jorginho and Kante are also playing well. Alonso, Kovacic and Willian have looked a little sloppy at times though. I reckon we'll see RLC at about 65 mins anyway
  5. Reddit will have it, reddit has everything, i recommend looking for the link from Buffstreams if it's there, usually as good quality as iplayer or sky go
  6. RMCM

    Elseid Hysaj

    Agreed, would rather at least give a go to one of our young right backs, Look how well liverpool and spurs have done with their lads, Robertson is for me the best RB in the league on current form, Alexander-Arnold looks a real prospect, Trippier is top quality too even though he only really blossomed in the last couple of years. Better off saving that cash and going all out for a few players who will really improve us where we need it most. I'd be looking at Koulibaly, Icardi and a new winger, or two if Hazard does go in the summer.
  7. RMCM

    Alvaro Morata

    If his head drops any further the ballboy will have to pick it up off the ground. My patience with him is pretty much run out, personally, I just don't think he's able for the physicality of this league, has no strength and no fight in him when things aren't going his way
  8. RMCM

    Mateo Kovačić

    Technically I think he is one of our best players, he just needs to work on his productivity in the final third, which is definitely something he has the ability to add to his game. Defensively he's tenacious, adds great pace to our team and really helps us to retain the ball. If Kante got injured he's our only real option to play that box to box role on the right hand side. I'm just in awe of his silky moves under pressure though, very rarely gives the ball away in midfield and if he does he's on them like a terrier to win it back. Underrated player in my book
  9. RMCM

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    When he puts in performances like that today, he's right up there with the best in the world, goal saving tackles, press breaking long passes, dominant at set pieces. If only he could do it every time he goes out there. Nonetheless delighted for him and proud of the fight he showed, a good example of what was lacking against Spurs and Wolves
  10. Could be a good move, don't think he has the ball playing attributes to make it here under Sarri
  11. RMCM


    It's the nature of the modern social media football fan isnt it? I see some braindead circus clowns on here and on twitter claiming Hazard needs to be sold to Madrid ASAP as well. I'm all for dropping underperforming players, and I do think Alonso and Willian haven't been up to their usual standards of late, but I have to agree that the constant broken record criticisms of those two in particular are extremely tiring. And it's funny that it only happens after we underperform as a whole team. Everyone bar RLC and maybe Dave and Rudiger was sh*te last night, can't lay the blame solely on the typical scapegoats
  12. RMCM


    Reckon we'll line up something like this Kepa Dave - Rudiger - Luiz - Emerson Kante - Jorgi - Kovacic Pedro - Giroud - Hazard I reckon Emerson will come in as Alonso was absolute dogsh*t in the last 2 games, and I have no interest in watching Sane, Sterling or Bernardo Silva absolutely slaughter him for pace every time they have the ball
  13. I don't mind us losing this if we show a bit of fight, against Spurs and Wolves we just bent over and let them have us without a word of protest. I'm calling 3-1 to city
  14. RMCM

    Andreas Christensen

    Agreed, always looked like a potential top player here with us when he played, and has all the ball skill necessary to succeed under Sarri