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  1. I was a big believer in Kepa, but he's regressing. Thought he was timid for the first and wasn't in a great starting position for the second. all well and good being decent with the ball at your feet, but if that's the case just stick Jorginho in nets because i reckon he'd save as many as Kepa does. Big Willy time . . . and Caballero should play too
  2. Where was our killer instinct when we were 1-0 up against 10 men? We played our best football before Luiz got sent off, i'm just astonished. The lads need to douse their bollocks in pepper spray to make them get a bit bigger for these games. In fact a kick in the balls for everyone on the team is merited after that
  3. Disappointing result, and I hope Frank learns from this, Kante and Jorginho together really only works against teams that are more open, in these games against sides that are going to park the bus we need either the physicality of barkley or the direct running and dribbling of Kovacic, hopefully RLC comes back soon as well because Mount is looking tired these days, and RLC is our best attack-minded midfielder. Hope James injury is just a knock, he was our only threat all day.
  4. Kepa's been sh*te but i'd still shag him right now
  5. beautiful vision and execution from willian with that assist
  6. To be honest, maybe it was a bit of a soft penalty, but it's Alonso's fault for being a moron in that situation. Yet again he proves his inability to be reliable in a back 4. We need to invest in that area in the summer, a marquee signing left back is needed, Emerson is good but we need depth. Look at City and their fullback options, Any of their 4 full backs would stroll into our team
  7. Imagine being this idiot, must be so embarrassing now, GTFO you clown.
  8. Batman and Captain America, the perfect superhero duo
  9. Willian has been poor but Ajax are pressing the sh*t out of him, hes a player that operates best with a bit of space around him, he's been very good this season (and i have never been his biggest fan) but i feel like we should give him 10-15 minutes in the second half and then maybe look at Pulisic for his pace in behind
  10. Have a bad feeling that they're going to do one on us, but it's two young sides up against each other so really it should be an exciting attacking game. My head says 2-1 to Ajax but my heart says we'll win 3-2
  11. f**k Neymar, he's a c**t. What we need, provided the youth boys continue to impress, is a world class left back and a world class right winger to replace Pedro/ Willian. I'd be looking at Alex Telles from porto for LB and Sancho for the right wing. Once again, f**k neymar

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