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  1. RMCM

    Mason Mount

    Are you 8 years old? These 'wordplay' slurs towards our own players are neither funny nor clever. I keep seeing them and they irritate me to no end
  2. RMCM


    I'll call it now, we'll be linked with him for €130 million in 2 years time
  3. He should do, an achilles tear, while it's a sh*t injury, isn't quite as prone to ruining a career as the likes of an ACL tear or leg break
  4. I'm from Dublin, but have been living in the northeast of England for the last year or so. Not a huge amount of Irish chelsea fans for some reason, probably due to the Irish connection in Liverpool and such, and that a lot of Irish people would've grown up seeing Liverpool and Man Utd win everything, or at least that's the demographic of my mates
  5. Porto, Celtic and Kobenhavn please That said, I'd love to draw Zagreb, might be a good excuse to visit Croatia again this year
  6. Absolutely dreadful season of a great show. Clear that the writers had no idea of what to do with the plotlines and so decided to throw curveballs for the sake of throwing curveballs. Seasons 1-6 would have had me say that GoT was going to be the greatest tv show ever made, but they've managed to destroy that with incredibly weak writing and wandering away from the lack of 'plot armour' for main characters that made the show so gripping in the first place. We never found out who the night king was, where bran warged during the battle, and a multitude of other plotlines that seemed to be f**ked off into oblivion. I'm going to watch The Wire.
  7. While I didn't mind the actual end outcome of Dany going mad queen, I just feel this whole series has been so rushed, it has lost the plot complexities and moving parts of seasons 1-5 in favour of large scale spectacle and plot twists for their own sake. Looking forward to the books now because the show has really gone downhill since they went away from the source material. I'd give this season a 6/10 just for the spectacle and Cleganebowl, but it has largely been underwhelming for the 8 years of buildup.
  8. Well, I'm going to be shouting for Liverpool in the final now, since I hate Spurs more. How has it come to this?
  9. Well, we've lost our appeal so we're up sh*t creek it seems
  10. Cheers, was in the dark on whether the term 'transfer ban' was about registering or just signing outright new players
  11. Are we allowed to take in loan players if the ban is upheld or is that not allowed either? Haven't been keeping up to date much with the arbitrary laws of UEFA
  12. I actually quite like it, at least they didn't just rehash the design of the last 10 years like Adidas had been doing. It's a bit mental looking, but i think it's quite stylish
  13. Looks like we’ve used up our weekly goal allowance, definitely not scoring another here bye top 4
  14. Looks like we’ve used up our weekly goal allowance, definitely not scoring another here
  15. Looks like we’ve used up our weekly goal allowance, definitely not scoring another here

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