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  1. I got bored the other evening a made a phone wallpaper of the legend Silva, thought I’d share in case anyone would also like to use it 😊
  2. Grim place though, last time I was there it reminded me of a strange planet from Star Wars 😂
  3. Personally hoping newcastle get relegated this season so i can go watch their matches next season since I live here 😂
  4. If we think this is bad wait til next season when the world cup takes place in the middle of the f**king season. May as well play 2 mini seasons for the amount of injured/ fatigued players coming back that the first half of the season will be a completely different story to the second half. I hate international football (being an Ireland supporter does not help the cause either)
  5. Thought Ruben was excellent today, so positive and so good at retaining possession with his physicality, along with being so silky on the ball, can see him playing a big role for us this season. I thought CHO looked good as well despite a few things not coming off for him, definitely much better as one of the front 3. Lukaku wasnt given many chances but did his job, and Timo was MOTM, should have had 2 goals but ran his arse off and came up with the goods. Definitely should cement his starting place, we look so much better with his dynamism despite him not being a perfect player.
  6. Tuchel on Reece James selection for england: 'I thought maybe he'd be playing for the water polo team because he's training in the pool, i was surprised to learn it was the football team' Howling 😂
  7. I think it was more of a message to the players that if they're not performing they're not safe from being dropped. Can't see Tuchel trying to get sacked after 2 poor performances
  8. Lampard was tactically inept though, as much as I love him. Werner plays on the wing for us when he plays most of the time, not all wingers have to play hugging the touchline, narrow wingers and overlapping fullbacks are how Liverpool play and they're a bit more exciting to watch than us.
  9. Stop being sensible. This is a place reserved for knee-jerk reactions and doom-mongering only.
  10. He's a top quality footballer, his football brain makes up for his lack of physical attributes and he seems like a proper leader. Agree he's not Balon D'or material or anything like that but we're lucky to have him, i just wish he's try a few long through balls now and again, he showed he has it in his locker in his first season here but like everyone else lately he's become a bit risk-averse in his passing.
  11. Would like to see Timo start on the right on saturday with CHO or Kai on the left, for all his bottling of chances he offers something nobody else does which is pace and direct running. We've all had enough of the backwards passing, i'd rather see Timo make 10 attempted dribbles forward and complete none than see the ball go from Ziyech to Alonso to Ziyech to Jorginho to Rudiger to Mendy.
  12. I feel like Kai is an interesting one because he's clearly a very talented footballer, but my question is where should he be playing? At Leverkusen he was a roaming 10, reminds me a bit of Juan Mata in his time for us, but we can't really accommodate that type of player in the system we are playing at the moment. I want him to succeed here and I think he can, but at the minute his attributes are not effective for us, which leaves us with a dilemma. Personally I would love to see us go back to a 4-2-3-1 with Kai playing No. 10 and Werner and Mount either side of him, but TT clearly doesnt think our defenders are up to playing in a back 4, which is understandable.
  13. Do you actually support Chelsea or would you follow any team where pulisic plays?
  14. Hmm, probably the worst performance I’ve seen from us under Tuchel in a big game. Expecting wholesale changes at the weekend, don’t think TT will let the players away with this one. No need to be panicking though, every team has these blips, if Liverpool beat city at the weekend will everyone be calling Pep a fraud? 2 losses in a row isn’t ideal but hopefully it sticks a rocket up our arse
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