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  1. RMCM

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    Meh, wouldn't be the worst to try and blood in some more Academy players for a full season, provided we don't have too many outward going players
  2. Support the f**king team and manager until the end. All this singing directed towards the manager and booing the team isn't going to help anyone is it? I can nearly guarantee that the fans singing these songs don't remember a time before Abramovich when being in a cup final, battling for 4th and still being in a european comp would be a pretty solid season. We've become spoilt by our successes
  3. RMCM

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I've been a supporter of Sarri throughout all this malaise, but I do think it's time he looks at his tactics and the players available to him. If he simply switches the formation to a different shape of 4-3-3 I think we'd have far more joy, as well as dropping the notorious underperformers. I'd be giving this line up a go for the rest of the season. Azpi - Rudiger - Christensen - Emerson Kante - Jorginho(Luiz for the big games to screen the defense more) RLC/Kova CHO - Higuain - Hazard
  4. Christ. We play well and then concede the most basic goals
  5. RMCM

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I'm just being pedantic on this point because he's spewed some serious sh*te in this and other thread
  6. RMCM

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Maybe because he was rated as one of the best midfielders in the world when he played under Conte as a defensive midfielder. Matic was our 'defensive' holding mid. . .
  7. RMCM

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Kante has always been a box to box player, he's just less deep now. This obsession people have with him sitting in the middle midfield position is really grinding my gears.
  8. I just feel like any 'nice' manager would have gotten the same results out of United, it's clear they have a team of good players there. I feel like a lot is being made of OGS as a manager as opposed to the players actually deciding to play again. Last night showed a lot of tactical naivety on his part, and while he's done well to get them back to the top 4 I just don't rate him as the chosen one that their fans and media are bleating on about
  9. Having a solid belly laugh at the title of this thread after Man Utd finally came up against a good side and got thumped
  10. The only reason i'd like to see PSG win the champions league is so that the living legend Buffon finally gets his hands on that trophy. I don't like PSG, but if anyone deserves as CL winners medal it's Buffon. Also f**k Man Utd.
  11. it’s-time-for-frank-lampard-he-will-turn-us-around-like-ole-has-man-u No, it's not. It's time for us to not prematurely sack a manager based on a poor couple of weeks of results. It's time for the players to buck the f**k up and give 100% instead of deciding they don't like to train at 3pm and don't like tactical training. And it's also time for Lamps to continue his managerial growth at a club that won't be putting pressure on him to instantly gratify them with silverware. 5 years from now may be time for Lamps to manage Chelsea, but not much before that
  12. RMCM

    Who should be the captain?

    I'd be going for Rudiger as well, been our best defender for the last 2 seasons since he joined, and has a bit of fight in him, not afraid to go in hard or let his teammates know when they've f**ked up.
  13. RMCM

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    But we'd be averaging over 900 successful passes per game!
  14. RMCM

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    We definitely need a Director of Football/ Sporting Director to curb the signing of dogsh*t players that have been coming in recently. Drinkwater, Bakayoko, Zappacosta, Morata, Batshuayi etc have all been absolutely dreadful pieces of business. If we want to build an attacking team we need a Txiki or a Mislinstat up there overseeing a vision for the team as a whole. Let Marina negotiate the deals but have a DOF there to make sure that the deals we're doing fit an overarching vision for the club. Any manager will struggle here without a structure in place for the long term success of the club, be it Sarri or the next shiny attacking coach. A cull of at least 6-8 players is needed in the dressing room before another managerial head rolls of the Chelsea chopping block
  15. You were clearly trying to be funny and clever, alluding to the fact that Alonso is slow with wordplay, but it's not funny and makes you look 9 years old so I was just pointing that out