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  1. It's not even debatable that he's one of the best players to ever have played for this club, if he's available for less than 50 million we should leap at it. He's got his problems with fitness and injury and general tubbiness, but at the same time he's not just about his physical attributes because he's a ridiculously talented ball player with his vision, passing, finishing and control. If we can spaff money for years on the Djilobodji's and Baba Rahman's of the world then we can afford to risk 40 million on the best player we've had at the club since Lamps, Drogba and Terry.
  2. Didn't see a thread but apparently, according to the rags which i place little faith in, we've made an offer to Marc Andre Ter Stegen and he's unhappy at Barcelona. If there's any truth to it we should be going all in for him, probably the best goalkeeper in world football at the moment alongside Alisson.
  3. RMCM

    Nathan Ake

    I really rate Ake, but as a matter of timing he's not what we need at the back. We need a dominant all round defender, and that includes aerial ability as we've been exposed time and time again this season by set pieces and crosses, it's probably the main reason Zouma gets in the team is because he's our only real aerial presence in defence. If christensen were to move on, which i'd be fine with, then Ake would be a good signing to replace him, but as of right now we need a nailed on starter CB signing. Everyone harps on about Koulibaly, and to be honest he is exactly what we need, it's just a matter of whether or not we can lure him here. We need a presence in defence that will make strikers second guess themselves, which is why I've always liked players like Sergio Ramos, he's an unfathomable prick, but he puts the sh*ts up even some of the best attackers and is a quality defender. Problem is that there aren't many like that in the game these days.
  4. I think, in his time with us, that he's been a wonderful addition to the squad. Always acted as a true professional, played the game as if he enjoyed just being on the pitch with a smile of his face, and contributed some really meaningful goals and assists in clutch moments for the club. He joined us in the twilight of his career, but was always a real pro and I think the club benefitted from having him here. Hope he sees out his career in good way at Roma and he'll be fondly remembered, at least by me, for his contributions at the club. The lad has won literally every competition in world football at least once, which is how you can tell he's a top top player, cheers Pedro, and thanks for your time at Chelsea!
  5. Living in the toon myself it'll be a tough one to take if we don't win this, but I reckon their big display was against United, they're a dreadful team so if we have any sort of form we should be tonking them on home turf. Don't fancy us to keep many clean sheets this season, but i'm going to make a bold prediction and say we'll win this 4-0
  6. I'm not bothered looking back for posts, but i recall a lot of people on here and elsewhere berating him. Because he looked good for the first few games, then he lost form and looked very average when we went on our bad run, and made a huge resurgence in the latter half of the season. As I said, really like him as a player, and as a leader, first name on the team sheet these days
  7. I honestly think he could be the most overrated player in world football, certainly in the Premier League. He's so very average, if he wasn't English and playing for United he'd just be another speed merchant forward no one had heard of.
  8. Personally I thought he looked like he was fading away with every match he played in the prem and that people were finding him out for his lack of pace and athleticism. Happy to have been proven wrong
  9. I must admit, I thought at this time last year that Jorginho looked like another Zappacosta style signing . . . but he's been magnificent since the turn of the year, really a key player in our team and looks like a proper leader.
  10. I feel a bit bad for Ross tbh, he took a risk coming here to prove something and he's coming up short, and it doesn't look like it's a lack of hard work, because he does try hard when he plays, I feel like having so much press for being a great prospect so young, it was always going to be hard for him to live up to it. I think he has this season to show something or he's gone next summer. Somewhere like Palace or Leicester might be a good move for him As for the drink and chips incident, I'm sure there's less to that than the media make out. He was out having a few drinks. Had an argument. Most people have been there. I'm sure all the c**ts on the street were giving him a hard time as soon as they noticed who he was.
  11. With a forum name like yours I'm wondering how you can possibly comment on something like that? 🤔
  12. The pace and physicality of Tomori and Zouma combined really shut down that front three, because two of liverpool's front three (Salah and Mane) rely a lot on their physicality, both are strong and fast. Put two strong and rapid centre halves against them like Tomori and Zouma and it will naturally limit their effectiveness. I think we're probably fine playing Alonso provided Tomori is playing that left sided centre back role, because I can't think of any other centre back who can outpace the likes of Salah so consistently
  13. For me, our strongest starting lineup would be Kepa Dave - Rudiger - Tomori - Emerson Jorgi Kante RLC CHO Mount Tammy Of those players, we were missing Rudi, Emerson and RLC, and I think RLC and Rudiger would have made a massive difference in the game on sunday with their added physicality. Next summer we really need to be addressing the defence first and foremost. I rate out two centre backs above very highly, but feel there's no depth there if anyone is injured, as I think Christensen has really fallen off and just isnt quite good enough for us. Zouma is a good backup choice for me, should get 20-30 games per season, but Tomori already looks the better player, and Rudiger is our best centre back. Emerson shows glimpses, but i think we could do with an upgrade on him, and i'd say we should be looking at a player to cover for Dave if we didn't have Reece James, who I think could end up as our starting right back by the end of this season. I'm excited by this team, more than I have been in years
  14. I think i'd be starting Tomori and Christensen against Valanecia and Liverpool if we have a 4 at the back, Zouma is getting an awful lot of stick, some of it warranted, some of it not, but I just don't think he has the composure or ball playing ability to play in a back 4 with the style we are looking to play. It's a shame because he's a pretty decent physical player, but he's not a fantastic footballer, which just doesn't seem to cut it anymore at the top clubs, you have to have everything.
  15. Are you 8 years old? These 'wordplay' slurs towards our own players are neither funny nor clever. I keep seeing them and they irritate me to no end
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