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Spot the Ball 4 Results and Spot the Ball 5 Picture


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STB4 was quite possibly more taxing than a British pay slip. As the week went on it became apparent that nobody was anywhere near the right answer and so it was decided to extend the squares that scored points to mean that anyone within two squares of the correct one would score a point.

Once that was done we had the glorious total of one person who got a point!

So the winner this week is Fido Dido.

Here are the two pictures.


And here are the latest standings


Onto STB5.

This week there is one square which will be awarded 5 points, one which will be awarded 3 points and a number which will be awarded 1 point.



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IS Sweet Waffle managing to google pictures? Averaging 5 is a bit fishy, and taking the spirit of the game away!

I did think the same but I PM'd him and in fairness to him he provided a pretty detailed explanation backing up his guesses!

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