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Poor Attempt at Trolling


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Not very witty, intelligent or funny and its quite obsessive.. but I'm a bit bored, so I'm gonna troll a bit. I'll add to this thread as and when and of course anyone else is free to add their own or post from somewhere else.


Hey Stevie, you okay?




I forget, how many times you won it?




No no Stevie, I meant you, not Liverpool.




Cool, cool. Frank - what about you? You all right?




Nice one. How many times have you won it?




Awesome. Stevie, how many Premier league titles you got?




Oops my bad, Frank? 




Ah, shall we mention FA cups too?




2 is still a good number. 4 is better, but 2 is good. Right, Frank?




Haha no okay fair enough. But it's better than 0, right? Fair play to Stevie for tha...




Ah... My bad Theo!!

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The life and times of a fat Spanish waiter football manager


Benitez? Well, this is going to be easy.




Come on you useless shower, you're making this lot look a lot better than they really are...




Shettle down mishter Roberto, we're cutting your attacks off time after time. Yesh, this will do nicely, I can shee the headlines now, brave Chelsea earn point, tactical masterclass, facht!




Maybe if I sit here looking melancholic he won't pick me. Please, please, please let me stay on the bench.




Half time, nihll nihll, all going to plan. Brilliant job. Facht.






Yesh, yesh, penalty, penalty, what are you gonna do about that one mishter Roberto, eh? 1-0 up, defence, defence, defence, three points, tactics, fahct.







Oh boy, this ish not good.





Oscar on... For Hazard... God, surely he cannot be serious?




This is ghood, we have nullifhied them, time for Fernando to pull us level. We can sacrifice the midfield for the sake of a whorld clhass striker...





Oh sh*t, I didn't shee that one coming.



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A kid was walking down the street, when a car pulls up alongside him.

''I'll give you £10 and a bag of sweets if you get in the car'' the man said.

''Not a chance'' said the kid.

''Well what about £20 and a bag of sweets?'' the man offered.

''Look dad, f**k off, I'm not going with you to watch that sh*te at Anfield today''

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