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Courtois - Diego Costa swap deal


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I don't like it...


I really think we'd regret letting a top top keeper go with such an enormous career ahead of him.


That said, if the club is adamant Cech is to stay number 1, and as a result Courtois won't come back, or sign a new deal...it may be the only way forward.


That said, I want Courtois to stay, and Costa is an enormous prick.

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Am i one of the only ones that would actually hate seeing Cech leave after giving us so much and still able to give us so much more? The bloke is a Chelsea legend and as long as he's still performing should be allowed to stay for as long as he wants

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Depends if Costa is any good. If we can do a straight swap with no cash then it might not be a bad deal.

This is the problem with signing all these young players - we can't play them. Cech isnt going anywhere soon. Keepers generally can play longer and hit their peak in their 30's.

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Take Costa now, buy Courtois later when Cech isn't good enough anymore. :wink:

Similar to the Luiz and Matic deal.

We cannot have both Cech and Courtois, just like we couldn't keep Mata on the team.

A player of that caliber will not sit on the bench.

Yup, good point. Courtois won't sit on the bench. Might as well cash in.

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Is cech declining though.

I don't think he's the same keeper he was in Joses first spell.

Still a class goalkeeper but I feel Courtious could really be the best GK in Europe for easily the next decade. I wouldn't like us to throw that away to get a guy whos had half a decent season.

If we want this guy then pay money lets not sell or bait with one of the most promosing talents in world football.

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But hes not going to sit on the bench for the next 3 years and he only has 2.5 years left on his contract.

And there is the problem.

I don't see Jose dropping Cech unless Cech wants a new experience somewhere else.

However Jose is building a team for now and many years and with Courtois you have a keeper with 10-15 odd years of talent in him.

It's not an easy situation granted but we knew this when we bought the kid, sometimes you need to make tough decisions like the Mata one.

Do we let go of one of the worlds best keeper prospects for a forward whos not really done it consistently or do we give the boy a chance and let the king and prince battle it out for No 1?

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WAGNH again right on the money. Chelsea aren't exactly cash strapped at the moment so I have the feeling that we'd rather pay the release clause than let out highest prospect go.

Thibaut has two and a half years left on his contract. Unless he's told the hierarchy that he wants to leave there is no rush to sell him at all.

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