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The Fabulous Luca Toni Poll

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore


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  1. 1. if the fate of the world depended on one of the following organisms trapping a football, which would you choose

    • luca toni
    • emile heskey
    • a tree

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1) fiorentina.Luca.Toni.TopScorer.jpg

luca toni, seen here showing off the boot he intended to wear for the european championships.

2) 109heskey_468x697.jpg

emile heskey, 45 caps for england, current wigan center forward.

3) dancin-tree.jpg

a tree, no prior footballing experience, and at well past 30 years of age may be a bit past it.

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That said, who was that bloke who came on for Spain last night? Utterly useless!! Every time he got the ball he shot and his shooting was abysmal. Only Spanish player to miss a penalty and I would have bet my house on him not scoring as he stepped up to take his pen.

Truly awful.

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Although on the plus side, his name was pronounced (correctly or incorrectly) as Geezer, so I had a chuckle everytime he got the ball.

Di Natale became Di Natalie as well.

John Motson needs to be carted off to an institution sharpish.

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i've gone for tree

just in case in the future he branches out into management

I've taken a leaf out of your book and done the same. I've just twigged that the root of Toni's problem is his basic lack of technique. He treats the ball not as a football but as a ball one might bo(w)le with. He also loses the head a lot but I've heard his bark is worse than his bite etc, etc, etc...

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Anyone hear Motson, while the team sheet was up on the screen for Christ's sake, call Ambrosini, 'Albertini' twice in about 10 seconds.

He then swiftly followed it up by observing that the Spaniards were playing in 'all red'.

They weren't.

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i thought luca toni was playing for comedy value. not many people like the italian national teams way of playing, so they thought they would get people on there side by playing toni to give people a good laugh.

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