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  1. Just because you seem so unhappy. If not a new team, then at least a hug. P.S. I'm English, living in England. Cheers
  2. Just a thought... If the club 'never' fails to disappoint you. Aren't you better going elsewhere and supporting someone else? Sure Spurs would have you.
  3. The new white kit won't be for everyone, but I like it. Actually going to buy it, which is the first time in a long time.
  4. Many of our fans did nothing but slag Sarri off. He then does what they want and leaves, and they expect him to show respect? I think Sarri is the type of person that would show respect to the fans if it was afforded to him in the first place. If it was me, my first press conference would have been "I got 3rd, won the Europa League and made the League Cup final with an average squad. But the spoilt Chelsea fans didn't think it was enough so I decided to leave." Don't expect anything positive from a manager that 'we' have abused all season long.
  5. It seems strange that we employ experienced business people or ex-pros to carry out roles at Chelsea. Reading this forum it seems half of the people here could get a deal done far quicker and much more successfully. As for people moaning about Chelsea being the only team to 'do things wrong' or 'drag their heels' - That's only because you only follow Chelsea. Every team has fans that moan about the way they do things. The big difference at Chelsea is that we actually win things. A lot. Calm down and wait for it to happen.
  6. Every thread I go on, you seem to be moaning. Are you ok?
  7. Great ending for Eden. Absolutely gutted we can't keep him. But he didn't grow up a Chelsea boy, so he's shown plenty of loyalty towards us as far as I'm concerned. He wants to play for Madrid and it wouldn't be fair for anyone to stop that from happening. I think we'll truly realise how special he is in the next couple of years because I think he could be exactly what Madrid need. As for Chelsea, it'll be tough in the short term losing him, but could be helpful in the mid to long term as it means we need to build, grow and nurture other players to hopefully fill his boots, and then some. I've never liked us relying too much on one player, but next year we may not have anyone to rely on at all. Time to rebuild... We go again.
  8. This post has made me smile. I've seen so much on social media, whether on Twitter or on here, with fans who don't seem to care if we win or not and many doubting our chances compared to the other lot. It's good to see that some fans still remember how lucky we are to be in a final, any final, especially against Arsenal. Can we just get back to enjoying football, please? Well done erskblue.
  9. If we can't sign players, I'd really like to see us put Tammy up front for the start of the season and tell him he's our first choice striker. If of course after a run of 6-7 games he hasn't performed, then it's fair that he is dropped and we go down a different route. What I don't want to see us 5-10 minutes here and there, as that basically shows you nothing. Ditto with Michy.
  10. The reaction was a little bit cringe, but it's not the end of the World. I'm sure he acts like that week in, week out in training - It's just that we don't normally see it! The players have never seemed to talk negatively of Sarri so whatever his methods are, seem to be working. We finished 3rd, got to the league cup final and lost to the best team in the World, and we may well win the Europa League tonight. If he does that with our squad, his methods have worked. Simple. Still not convinced he should be in charge next season.....
  11. Difficult to argue with most of the selections in this thread. I'd like to throw Steve Sidwell in there for good measure.
  12. How can Emery end up having a much better season than Sarri? If he wins the Europa League, you could argue it's marginally better. But we'll have got to two finals and finished 3rd in the league.
  13. It's not, actually. There are plenty of studies. It obviously doesn't mean every man is more dominant and assertive than every woman. But as a generalisation, it's true.
  14. Just a thought - I think there's a good chance we're using delay tactics here and won't appeal to CAS until the last minute. Reason being, they then have a small window of time to make a decision, and if they can't get this done, it's likely that they will suspend the band until they've sorted things out, which would mean we can sign players in the summer. If the ban gets frozen, we might have an exciting transfer window because we could, in theory, spend 3 windows worth in one summer. Especially with the best part of £100 million available from the (likely) Hazard sale!
  15. With the travel issues, Mkhitaryan missing out, and now the Cech to Chelsea rumours, this final is becoming a little bit embarrassing. In terms of the match, I think Arsenal will want this slightly more than us and their fire power up front makes me think they'll have the edge. But such a circus of a game might play right in to our hands and we could win it. Ideally for us it'd be the perfect situation for a Chelsea win and Hazard to bow out with the winner and a MOTM performance. We can hope.

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