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New Spot the Ball Competition

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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One, oh so popular, Shed End weekly (ish) quiz ends and another pops up like a pecker at a porn flick to take its place.

From now till the start of next season either Mod or I will be posting a Spot the Ball contest every other week (probably every second Saturday or Sunday).

Generally speaking if you get the correct grid reference where the ball is you will get 5 points and if the grid reference you choose is within one of the correct one then you will get one point. However now and again (and week 1 is one of those times) it is the case that there is a second grid reference that a lot of the ball appears in as well and so that one will be awarded 3 points. When a new contest is posted we will state whether there is a 3 pointer or not.

Just post your guess in the thread and I will copy them into a spreadsheet I am maintaining which auto calculates your score and an updated league table.

I will post an updated league table every time we post a new competition.

There will be a Chelsea related prize at the start of the new season for the person at the top of the table.

The table will be based on average points rather than total points however note that to win the prize you must have entered at least 60% of the competitions.

Without further ado then here is STB No 1.


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A6 cos I used to live right by the A6

A strategy lined with danger Geezer. Trust me I know. I nearly failed my degree when I tried to solve Fermat's Last Theorem with a simple two word answer - Garelochhead Bypass

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